Thursday, January 26, 2012

33-36 weeks and playing catch up!

Needless to say between all of the holidays and moving and not having a good internet connection I have to play catch up with the updates!

How far along?  Currently 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Week 33 through 35 I was still at 25 lbs gained...week 36 I am about 27lbs gained. 
Maternity clothes? of course
Stretch marks? Yes there are some coming out of hiding or new I still don't know...but they do not look as gruesome as they did att he end of my last pregnancy...but I do have a few weeks left.. They just started to show up at 35 weeks again.
Sleep: Sleep was great when I was in my own bed, bow it is harder. I am in a beds that are not as big or comfortable as my own. The stiffness of the mattresses makes my hips feel sore and not having a good pillow is also a downfall but I will probably be heading out to buy a new one today. Also my 2 year old has actually been climbing into bed with me way to often, although he is getting better at just sleeping in the bed I put him in for the whole night. I also have to pee a million times in the middle of the night which never helps with sleeping.
Best moment this week: I would say until this week it is just felling Eli move all over my stomach. But Yesterday the Dr. told me that I don't even look like I am 36 weeks yet and that was just nice to hear! She also told me she didn't think that Eli will be any bigger than his brother at birth so that would be a blessing.
Movement: He is still moving and kicking all over the place and I love it!
Labor Signs: Thankfully no...not at all! The Dr. actually checked me during my group B strep test and I was still closed up, so hopefully this baby will wait until after Daddy gets here to come out!
Belly Button in or out? STILL IN!
What I miss: My husband, my own bed and not living out of bags! Other than that I can not complain to much 
What I am looking forward to: The next few weeks as we get ready for Eli's arrival and just enjoying this time since it is probably my last pregnancy. 
Weekly Wisdom: Don't try to move, change jobs, buy a car, sell a car, have birthdays and holidays, buy a house, potty train a toddler and have a baby all within 2 months! hahaha...but that is my life!
Milestones: Group B was negative, baby is looking good and just enjoying time with my family and watching my son have a good time with his grandparents!