Friday, December 25, 2009

How fast time goes...

Dear Noah,

I can barely believe how fast time has gone since you came into my life. Just yesterday I was sitting here with you in my belly and today you are in my arms. Your arrival was not an easy one nor did anything really go according to how your momma had it laid out in her head, but the end result was beautiful...we finally had you, our healthy baby boy, in our arms.

You decided to start making your presence known on Thursday night, the 17th of Dec., by giving mommy some good contractions that lasted well into Fri. night. But by 6pm the contractions had faded and the hope of meeting you on your due date did to. Sat. brought a few small contractions but nothing worthy of calling home about. Then Sunday morning around 2:30am mommy woke up to go the bathroom and found blood. I was excited but scared so I woke daddy and we headed to the hospital. After monitoring you for over 20 minutes and being checked out by the Doctor, we were declared fine and sent home until the contractions were less than three mins apart. So sadly we came back home and mommy endured contractions for the rest of the day and into Monday morning. Monday morning brought momma some worries because she hadn't felt you move since about 10pm Sunday night. So Daddy took me back to the hospital before he went to work to just make sure everything was alright. Again the Doctors monitored me for twenty mins and did a quick exam. The Doctor also re-striped my membranes and sent Daddy and I walking around the hospital for two hours before coming back to get rechecked. Mommy and Daddy wandered everywhere, stopping often so I could make it through a contraction, but to no eval we still were not far enough along after two hours of walking. So again we were sent home. I was pretty scared because I could tell the contractions were way stronger and I really couldn't find any comfortable position to be in and Daddy had to go back to work.

For the rest of the day momma went through contractions that got stronger and stronger and brought many moans, groans and tears with them. Daddy helped me time the contractions later that night and by 11pm the contractions were between 1-3 mins apart, so we headed once again to the hospital.

This time it was a go! I was admitted to Labor and Delivery by 1am and I was 5cm dilated 100% effaced and at a +1 gestation. However, I was in pain and as hard as daddy tried to keep me focused and breathe I just couldn't get my mind focused. I ended up screaming like a mad woman, but honestly it was the only thing that made me feel better. Thankfully momma decided to take the drugs offered by the hospital and an Angel named Charley came and gave them to me. Within mins I was mostly sain again, and I was actually able to get some sleep after 2 days of not sleeping. I was re-checked around 3am and I was 6cm dilated. At 6am I was 8cm dilated, and at 8am I was still 8cm. The hospital broke my water and gave me a small amount of pitocin to help me get into a regular contracting pattern and it helped although the contractions never stayed completely regular throughout the labor. Around 10am a mid-wife came in to check me since all the doctors were in a meeting or surgery and she discovered that I was about 9cm dilated but your head was what they call Transverse...or you were looking at my hip.

A little while later the Doctor came back in to re-examine me and she was not happy that your head was no longer facing the right way. She talked to me about a c-section, but I told her we really needed to think about it and that I wanted the chance to push.

The nurse, Caroline, and anesthesiologist, Kathy, were absolutely wonderful in encouraging me to try for a vaginal delivery as long as yours and my heart rate held steady and no one was stressed. They said that the Doctor was really conservative and didn't like to take any risks, but there was no reason to think I couldn't do it.

So after reaching 10cm about 11am, I "labored down" for an hour before telling the doctor that I was going to try pushing against her wishes. I started pushing at 1240pm and continued through two more attempts by the doctor to try to get me to have a c-section. Finally about an hour and a half into the pushing the head doctor came in with the labor doctor to check me and give his opinion. I had turned on my side to push some before he walked in and it must have done the trick because he declared that your head was in the correct position and there was no reason to believe that I wouldn't be able to have a vaginal birth! I was so excited....even though I still had a long road ahead.

I continued pushing. Eventually a little while later, another nurse came in and informed me that she had been praying for me to be able to have a natural birth. Caroline asked her for a little lube and the new nurse decided to add 6 or so packets to the area down below, declaring she would get the baby o one way or another :) She also asked me if I wanted a mirror, and reluctantly I agreed. It was the best decision I could have ever made! I never thought that I would honestly want to see that area of my body especially given the circumstances, but it was so helpful! I could see when I was pushing correct and I could see your head! With every push the room filled with more and more excitement. Finally it was time. I told the nurse that you were coming out within the next 20 mins, even though in my heart I knew it would be with the next set of pushes. The nurse made first call, and the room filled with people. The Doctor added a bottle of baby shampoo to my girl parts, declaring she wanted you to have a head full of clean hair when you came out. The next contraction came and I pushed... and I got to see your face for the first time. I was in love. After 2 hours and 55 mins of pushing, drug adjustments, tears over the constant talk of a c-section, laughing so hard we couldn't tell when the contractions were coming, 6+ packs of lube and a bottle of baby shampoo, learning my son decided to poo inside me two hours after my water was broken, and a surprise cord around his neck when he came out (miraculously it never affected his heart rate) were here! I was a momma, Wes was a daddy and we had you as our son. Our hearts broke. As you were taken to the station to be suctioned out and evaluated Daddy and I broke into tears. Tears of Joy and Excitement and tears of worry as I couldn't hear any noises and I knew the risks with you swallowing the Meconium. Daddy reassured me you were ok after I sent him over to be with you. After being evaluated by peds you were declared alright. However after a few more mins your oxygen saturation was only in the 80's, so peds was called back down. They decided to take you to the NICU to be safe. I asked to hold you before you went and for the next 30 seconds I loved you I loved you, to be strong for momma, and come back to me. As you and Daddy left the room, and all the Doctors cleared out. I was left in silence for the next 30 mins or so, until the nurse came in.

A little over an hour later you and Daddy returned, and our family was together. You were declared healthy and you were actually never admitted to the NICU since your oxygen saturation was up to 99% by the time the reached the NICU doors.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

40 weeks...

How far Along? 40 weeks! We made it...this baby should be done cooking!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 47lbs! OOOYYYEE ....oh well, I know he is going to be worth every lb.
Maternity cloths: Yes and I will say amazingly they do fit through the whole pregnancy like the woman said...crazy since you don't know how big you are going to get!
Stretch Marks? yeah I got them....but they are not multiplying so that is good.
Sleep: It is starting to get worse as time goes on, but I still get enough of it.
Best Moment This week: Having the Doctor tell me that everything is looking great especially for a first time mom, and then having really good contractions on his due date...maybe they will be going somewhere! We also received our crib in the mail from Grandpa Sutton! It is homemade and absolutely beautiful!
Movement? Noah has slowed down the last couple of days, but we still get our special moments in :)
Food Cravings? Just last night it was oreos
Gender: BOY
Labor signs: YES YES YES! As of Wed I was still only one cm dilated, but 50% effaced, with the baby fully engaged and the cervix still in the correct position. (This is what made the doctor so happy) We decided to have my membranes striped, and Thursday morning I definitely lost my mucus plug....and it was disgusting! I had contractions and back ache starting late Thursday night and they went pretty much until 5-6 pm on Friday night and then began to taper we will see, but at the very least hopefully progress was made!
Belly Button: In
What I Miss: Wearing my wedding ring :( That's right I had to take it off last week with the fear I would otherwise have to have it cut off. I could still wear it around the house (if I wasn't up and walking a lot) until yesterday when it wouldn't fit over my knuckle in the morning! So sad! So yes I am swollen and it makes for being uncomfortable.
What I am Looking Forward to: LABOR AND BIRTH! I know I know, but I truly am looking forward to it! And of course meeting Noah, holding him for the first time, seeing him, smelling him, all those good things.
Milestones: This baby should be fully cooked! We hit 40 weeks, and although I would have loved to meet my son anytime, I am extremely happy that we made it to our due date with no complications.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I watched Julie and Julia last night on dvd, and I am inspired to try a "project" blog. For no other reason or purpose than to do it for myself. I am contemplating what to do though and I am thinking about trying to commit to it for a full year as well. I have some thoughts of what to do but I have not decided on anything definite yet. If it was up to Wesley I am sure he would suggest that I learn how to cook french food since that is by far his favorite, but I want it to be for me. The next decision after deciding on the content is to decide how often to blog...which might be hard to do daily with a new born....also whether I keep going with this blog, start a new blog, do both etc. I make another blog on this blogger, or find a different one? So many questions...I hope to have it figured out by the beginning of the new year...which is when I would want to start this whole process, but that is another problem because I will be very busy with visitors in town for 5 weeks as well as having a new born and the wrapping up of holidays. Oh the decisions....check back soon and I will keep you posted as I make decisions.

Friday, December 11, 2009

39 weeks...can't believe it is almost over

How Far Along? 39 wonderful weeks :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: holding out at 45 lbs.
Maternity Cloths: yes
Stretch Marks: yes
Best Moment this Week? Being told by the doc that the baby was about 7 lbs...needless to say I laughed because I am sure he is bigger. Also that things are progressing in the right direction, even if they are taking their time!
Movement: Little wiggles, definitely no room left for him to be rolling around!
Food Cravings: no
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Yes...ok here is the TMI section so skip ahead if you want! My cervix is Anterior...which is the correct position, 1 cm dilated as of Wed. Lost part of the mucus plug Wed. Had period like cramping on and off but lots Thursday morning. I am completely constipated, go figure and I keep having labor dreams...oh yeah plus some contractions on and off, some slight swelling and I am hot all the time!
Belly Button: Way in Still
What I miss: being able to bend without the hard hard stomach getting in the way...comfortably tying my own shoes! Thanks Wes for helping me out!
What I am looking Forward to: MEETING NOAH! It can not get much more real than that. 10 months is a long time to wait to meet our child, and I am praying he comes in the next 7 days so we don't have to go over 10 months!
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy those last secret moments between you and your baby. Feeling him move and grow inside you is an amazing thing, so cherish it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

38 weeks and waiting...

How Far Along? 38 weeks and waiting...

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yeah you guessed it I am now up to 45 lbs...wonderful....the fact that I actually had to lean over my belly to see the numbers at the doctor's office should have been my first clue not to look!

Maternity Cloths: This is a No-Brain er

Stretch Marks: Yes, I do have some on my stomach and dots on my hips..see the attached picture if you dare. :) Luckily they haven't gotten any worse.

Best Moment This Week: Watching Noah move his butt from side to side on my stomach and seeing Wes' face as he realised he was grabbing Noah's foot.

Movement: Noah is wiggling from side to side, trying to walk on my side and sliding his 'feet' or some other pointy part down my sides :)

Food Cravings? Nope, actually it is going back to the beginning when nothing looked good, sounded good, or tasted good.

Gender? Still a boy

Labor Signs: No labor signs yet, besides the BH contractions and the fact his head is so dang low the doctor looked surprised.

Belly Button: It hasn't changed any is still in

What I Miss: Unrestricted long morning walks, breathing normally, and not thinking about labor every breathing second of my day :)

What I am Looking Forward to: Labor....being able to see, smell, hold and love on Noah

Weekly Wisdom: Never let someone convince you that you will probably go into labor early. it is honestly not worth the let down when it doesn't happen. Take the due date your doctor has given you, add two weeks to it and tell people that is when you are due. That way maybe they won't ask so often, you won't get your hopes up of having the kid before that date, but if you do go into labor sooner then it will be a pleasant surprise!

Milestones: 38 weeks...I don't need a bigger milestone than that!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The first of the final pregnancy checkups...

Tuesday morning marked the beginning of the final pre-birth check-ups for Noah and I. Needless to say this check-up was full of anticipation and hope that I was making progress in the right direction and closer to Noah's birth. Don't get me wrong it was full of information and lots of questions from the doctor, on things I had already done months ago, like pre-registration etc., but it was missing the one piece of information I wanted to hear so badly...."your dilated to_." I know it is premature, and that even if I was dilated it doesn't mean that Noah will/would be here any sooner than if I wasn't, but still I wanted to hear that sentence with a number plugged into it somewhere. Instead what I heard was..."wow your cervix is really far back....oh and it is closed tight, but it is softening." Jeez, thank you doctor, that definitely made that really uncomfortable situation even better.
Ever since then I have been in a funk. Honestly I am trying not to be, but I know that I am and worse yet I don't know how to stay out of it. I can get out of it for a little bit, but if I sit still for any amount of time, I feel like I fall right back into it. Maybe it is because people will not stop asking me how I am feeling, and I am really sick of putting a fake smile on my face the last two weeks and telling everyone I am great. And YES I AM READY to have this kid, so no need to ask that one either.
What I really want to tell people is that life for the last two weeks has really gone down hill. My easy pregnancy took a turn when my pelvis began to ache everyday! Maybe I don't have any right to "complain" or voice this because the rest of my pregnancy has been very easy, but it still sucks. I had to describe it the other day to Wes and the best thing I could say was it felt like someone was trying to turn my hips backwards into my butt cheeks and rip me in half from my lady parts. Some people might think that sounds drastic but that is honest to goodness exactly how it felt. It has gotten to the point that it hurts to lift my leg a few inches off the ground to be able to put my pants on in the morning and walking long distances isn't in the cards which means I lost my morning walking routine.
What sucks even more is that the pain has started to be there at night now too. So now I have the job of sleeping with a pillow crammed between my legs all night long just so I am able to get up in the middle of the night to pee and out of bed in the morning.
So like I said before I am ready for Noah to be here. Maybe this is what it took for me to get to that point because like I said I was comfortable being pregnant up until two weeks ago. Maybe this is God's way of helping me be ready to no longer miss being pregnant when the time comes, but to be thankful and grateful that the baby He has blessed me with is finally here in the flesh and in my arms. For that I will be more than grateful, and if this pain is what it takes, then I give thanks for that too.

Friday, November 27, 2009

We are officially FULL TERM!

How Far along? 37 WEEKS! Noah is a full term baby as of today!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Is it honestly fair to make a pregnant lady weigh herself the day after Thanksgiving? However, I did step on the scale and I weigh the same as last week! so no change and still about 41lbs heavier that pre-pregnancy.
Stretch Marks? Yeah as I explained last week, the dreaded stretch marks showed up. However mine are not crater like so far and I am praying that they stay that way and maybe even fade after Noah is born.
Best Moment this Week: The end of child birth classes! And Thanksgiving of course. We have so much to be thankful for with this pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of Noah.
Food Cravings: Not really anything I can think of.
Gender: All Boy.
Labor Signs: Well let's just say I don't have a clue. I think it is still just fatigue and BH contractions, but who knows. There are times that my belly feels SO heavy and hard for long periods of time and my back aches forever it makes me wonder, but I haven't had any other signs, so maybe the Doctor can tell us more on Tuesday.
Belly Button: Still in.
What I Miss: Being able to bend over is pretty hard to do with a hard belly in your way!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Giving Birth...and yes I mean that literally. I am slightly scared but excited and I am looking forward to seeing what my body can do. I know that sounds odd, but I truly think the whole process is a miracle.
Weekly Wisdom: Ask for help...There is no point in doing everything yourself at this point in time. Also let a little bit of the house work go if it makes your day that much easier!
Milestones: We Made it to Full Term without any complications thus far! Now to make it through Labor and Delivery the same way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

36 Weeks..28 days left!

How Far Along? 36 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss? Whoever said you are suppose to stop gaining weight in your last month either was delusional or really lucky. Unfortunately I just stepped on the scale for this blog and needless to say I am an additional 5 lbs heavier than last week! What the hell? So I think I am about 41 lbs heavier altogether now. Sweet Jesus. I keep hoping for a small baby, but I might just change my mind and wish for a big one so he can take some of this weight with him!
Stretch Marks? Unfortunately I think the damn stretch mark demon got me, but luckily for now they are hair line thin and few. Hopefully the liquid Vitamin E oil last another 4 weeks! I almost think it might have been better to get them earlier on so at least I couldn't have the thought that "I was so close to the end without them!"
Best Moment This Week? I don't think anything big or life changing happened this last week, and honestly the best moment just had to be going on a date with my husband. Besides Noah's movements and our inseparable time together, Wes and I did find two sweet deals at Babies R Us. First we got a really nice Chicco highchair for $80.00 (normally $150.00) and a Graco Playard for $40.00 (normally the cheapest you can find is about $70.00). I followed those two good deals up with some cheap cheap cheap clothes purchases for when he is a little older. I am talking $2.00 pants, PJ sets and outfits. I didn't go overboard, but you have to take advantage of deals that are to good to pass up! I also won a door prize, got $75.00 worth of brand new baby goods and a $25.00 gift card for torturing myself through a child prep class here on base! Oh the things I do for a good deal!
Food Cravings? Funny enough with all the weight gain the biggest cravings I have had are still for salads! lol...ironic....although I did make Homemade Dark Chocolate Chip cookies this last week as well...but we will avoid talking about those! :)
Gender? Noah is still a boy as far as I know.
Labor Signs: No and If I am having Braxton Hicks Contractions I can't tell. Hopefully that is not a sign that labor is no where in sight! I feel like I want to be checked so at least I have an idea of what is going on down there in Lady Land, but the doctors here take a very non-invasive approach to labor so I am going with the flow. No more information will be given until after our next apt on Dec. 1st. and they might check might not...time will tell.
Belly Button: Still in.
What I Miss: The ease of movement. I am starting to feel stiffer and really wish now I would have found and paid for a prenatal yoga class, but we had goals of paying off some bills and you give up things to make your goals. Lord knows it is perfect timing though because the bills will be paid off right before Noah is due, and I am going to the spa after his arrival!
What I am looking forward to: The ENDING of the Child Birth Education Classes! And No I am pretty sure I am not taking part in the Pizza party they are having next week during class nor am I signing up to come back for a reunion once everyone has had their babies! BA-HUMBUG! I mean honestly is it just me being a scrooge, or are we all a little to old to be doing shit like this with people we don't even know?
Weekly Wisdom: If you do enough of your own research you probably don't need to torture yourself with Child Birth Classes. And if the classes run to long feel free to walk out...I personally think it is much more rude for the instructors to keep a bunch of pregnant ladies in uncomfortable chairs over dinner (5-8pm)time for 3 hours when we were told the classes were suppose to be 2 hours!
Milestones: Getting to the last 28 days. :) Being so close to meeting Noah and yet feeling so far away!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Complete and Utter Realization of Reality

Yesterday Wesley and I went on a long overdue date just the two of us. It lasted all day and I had an absolutely wonderful time. He wandered through the craft fair here on Hickam with me which we then followed with Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. After Lunch we took a stroll through the Waikiki Aquarium to look at the different sea life here in Hawaii. We sipped on Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks. Watched Couple's Retreat at the Theatre. Went shopping at Babies r Us and Walmart for a few needed items. And spent time just enjoying each others company before calling it a night and heading to bed.
Wes thinks part of me had an alternative motive for this date since it landed on the same weekend we got engaged two years ago (which yes of course I reminded him :) but the truth is that was just by chance. I honestly just wanted to spend some quality time dating my husband again before the baby comes.
As our night was coming to a close and we were driving over to the Babies R Us store in Pearl City it really made me think about life a little.
When we are younger we think that we can plan our whole life out to be perfect. I for one wanted to be married by the time I was 22-23 years old to a tall, dark haired, dark eyed man, have my first kid by the time I was 25 and number two by the time I was 27. I never dreamed that I would live in Hawaii, but did think I might make it here on vacation eventually. I always thought that I would be a working woman and my family would be around to help out with the day care of the kids. Etc. etc.
Last night made me so happy when I realized that all the things I had dreamt of when I was younger didn't come true. Instead I got married to my Blonde haired, blue eyed, only two inches taller than me, but never the less handsome husband at the ripe age of 28. Followed by not having my first kid until after the age of 29, with no clue when a second baby might even follow! I actually LIVE in Hawaii, didn't just come for a week long vacation to make me poor...instead I get three years of being poor in paradise :). I have no plans of returning to work anytime soon while we are here or while I have kids at home, and unfortunately we live the furthest we can away from my family while still living in the United no help with Child Care there.
But despite all the differences between what I dreamt of my life when I was younger, compared to the reality of it all now, I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I love my husband with all of my heart and couldn't imagine ever being happier with my life, my marriage or my family. I love the fact that I get to experience being a stay at home wife and mother and all the love, trials and tribulations that will come with that responsibility.
Needless to say I am so Thankful that all of my "childhood" dreams didn't come true, and that God handed me a much better Reality than I could have ever dreamt of.

Friday, November 13, 2009

35 weeks!

How Far Along? 35 weeks closer to meeting our little miracle.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think it is still about 35-36 lbs.
Maternity Cloths: Yep
Stretch Marks? I haven't seen any changes in the spot from last week and no other signs of them starting, but I do think the one area is a tiny tiny stretch mark...Time will tell.
Best Moment this week: Hearing Noah's heartbeat again at the Doctor's appt. Knowing he is still head down and learning that all his hiccups means he is breathing and getting ready to breathe when he comes to meet us :)
Food Cravings: Still Salads if I had to say something.
Gender: Still Boy :)
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button: Pretty sure at this point in time it is staying in. There has been no significant changes in it in weeks and would still have a far ways to go in the next 5 weeks.
What I Miss: Besides some of the obvious from last week...I think I just miss my normal energy level and feeling like I can't stand up for extended periods of time without moving around, I just get achy in the hips and stuff.
What I am Looking Forward To: Holding Noah in my arms and knowing that Wes and I created this little miracle.
Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes letting yourself cry for no reason at all is the best remedy for feeling crappy and getting over it.
Milestones: Everything that has taken place over the last 35 weeks that pretains to this pregnancy and baby.

Friday, November 6, 2009

34 weeks...holy cow

How Far Along? 34 weeks...only 6ish to go!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: still holding steady at 35 lbs!
Maternity cloths? Yes
Stretch Marks? Ummm...I am thinking there might actually be one started...I will keep an eye on it and let you know next week :( Needless to say the liquid vitamin E oil and baby lotion will be in full gear from here on out!
Best Moment This Week: Just feeling new/different movements and having Noah push his feet out on my side.
Food Cravings: Salads, Salads Salads... and i can finally eat them without feeling sick!
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: I might have had a few Braxton Hicks contractions but other than that no.
Belly Button In or Out? IN
What I Miss: LOL...oh I could name a million things here right now...being able to get up off the couch without feeling like a whale, having no hip pain, being able to bend easily, being able to shave easily, not getting winded when I really haven't done much, being able to stay awake past 9 or 930pm without feeling like I was going into a coma, not peeing 5+ times in the middle of the night, being heartburn free...I am sure I could keep going, but honestly I would do it all again to be given this chance to be Noah's momma.
What I am Looking Forward to: Hopefully the birthing classes being better this week. I was disappointed last week, so we will see how this week goes. And how could I not say getting ready to meet Noah! Also our appointment next week...This one feels like the beginning of the end because I believe they start checking for labor signs from here on out and we start going every two weeks instead of 4!
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy doing all the extra projects that you want to get done now, before the baby comes because who knows when you will have that much time to yourself again.
Milestones: Making it 34 weeks without any major meltdowns or mishaps. Just being healthy overall and knowing and trusting in the Lord that everything is fine and healthy with baby Noah!

Friday, October 30, 2009

33 Weeks

How far along? 33weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still holding out at 35 lbs :)
Maternity Cloths? Yes and I just bought 2 nursing night tank tops for the hospital. Didn't want to feel to uncomfortable in a gown if people stop by to visit.
Stretch Marks? Nope I am still free of them! Yeah me!
Best Moment This Week: I think just knowing that Noah is safe and feeling him move around. it amazes me everytime and I don't think it ever gets old...even though it hurts like hell sometimes and I beg him to stop, I don't really want him to. Also being told I was beautiful by a couple different ladies who attend PWOC. I don't really know them, but it is nice to hear when you don't feel so great about yourself.
Food Cravings: Nope. Although I do think that I am going to induldge in some Guacamole today!
Gender: All Boy!
Labor Signs? Not that I can really tell. Although I think Noah might have started dropping already...time will tell.
Belly Button In or Out? Still in...and according to my husband it might go all the way through since the end is no where in sight!
What I Miss: Not having serious left hip pain that not only kicks my butt if I do certain things during the day, but also keeps me up a good deal at night over the last three days!
What I am Looking Forward too: Starting birthing classes on Tuesday, and just bonding more with Noah as we continues to grew and get ready to come and meet us!
Weekly Wisdom: Do things in small doses so as not to over do it! And don't stop walking! I miss it so much and can not wait to start again after 5 weeks, but I am terrified to go to far.
Milestones: Finishing up baby projects around the house like his burp cloths and a small scrapbook and working on finishing his baby blanket!

Friday, October 23, 2009

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 35 lbs.
Maternity clothes? honestly could someone not be in maternity clothes by now?
Stretch Marks? nope and I am so thankful everyday for not having any!
Sleep: back to normal after the shoulder pain stopped! And people can be as mad at me as they want, but this baby has yet to wake me up from sleeping or keep me up. :)
Best moment this week: Having my neck and upper back adjusted so the shoulder pain would stop. Also getting to talk to my doctor about a few things that I missed because of the ER trip last week.
Food cravings: No
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? in and I disovered that I have a freckle on the inside of my belly button.
What I miss: Being able to bend over without discomfort or feeling like I am smashing Noah. Getting of the couch or easy chair effortlessly.
What I am looking forward to: Starting our birthing classes in a few weeks...I know nothing like waiting untill the last moment right?
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy your husband every chance you get and let him "help you out" even when you think you can do it yourself! It makes him feel needed and lets you feel even more loved.
Milestones: Getting everything in Noah's room ready and in some kind of order. All his clothes under 6 months are washed along with his blankets, sheets, cloth diapers and wipes, bath stuff, nighties, socks, bibs, burb cloths and more! Everything that is essential to his arrival has been purchased and I now feel more at ease knowing there won't be many if any outings for Wes to run once Noah arrives.

Friday, October 16, 2009

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Down to 35 lbs! Now if it only keeps going in that direction! lol
Maternity clothes? yes and even a new bra with an extender.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: not so much with this shoulder issue, but it will get solved and then we should be fine.
Best moment this week: Spending a day with my mother and husband. And knowing that it sucked leaving my family, but I was also going home with "my family"
Food cravings: Missing the fall food, but still no cravings.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Don't know if they were contrations or not while grocery shopping but I don't know what else would hurt that bad! Thank God it stopped and I am going to take it easy the next couple of weeks!
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: Well I can see my ankles again, so needless to say I miss my family back in MI and TN. I also miss not having pain in my shoulder, being able to shave comfortably, along with painting my toe nails and I am sure I could list some others, but it is all worth missing knowing I get to meet Noah soon!
What I am looking forward to: Getting all of Noah's stuff organized and put away and then going out shopping for all the rest of the items he needs.
Weekly Wisdom: Don't travel on a plane after 30 weeks, or at least not for over 14 hours! It felt like a lifetime compared to flying at 27 weeks!
Milestones: Getting everything back to Hawaii for Noah, and getting stuff ready for his arrival.

Friday, October 9, 2009

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: holding out at about 37 lbs...
Maternity clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: still sleeping.
Best moment this week: having all of the grandparents be able to feel Noah and having him move more and more. Also watching Wes' face light up with excitement at different times over his son. The Shower that Mom and Debi threw was also a highlight because I was able to see so many people! Oh and Pregnancy photos.
Food cravings: Missing the fall food, but still no cravings.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: My feet not being swollen...And I am starting to think it is going to happen between now and Dec...oh the joys...So I might as well say I miss my ankles...
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Wes interact more and more with this baby and the joy he gets out of it.
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every moment and share it with the people around you.
Milestones: Having a wonderful shower where we were blessed with so many gifts, and having the pregnancy photos taken! Absolutely love them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just so everyone knows the updates of everything we are doing at home will be posted after we return to Hawaii. Pictures too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I am guessing about 37 lbs...
Maternity clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: definitely better at home, but hasn't been to bad for being away from my own bed and pillows.
Best moment this week: Having my family see me and my mom and dad getting to feel Noah move. Also the shower at my dad's house.
Food cravings: Not so much a craving, but taking advantage of the fresh cider and donuts in the fall weather.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: My feet not being swollen...I think the humidity in MI is def. having an affect :(
What I am looking forward to: Seeing more famlily and having them feel Noah.
Weekly Wisdom: Keep your feet elevated!
Milestones: Another healthy week and still feeling good.