Friday, October 30, 2009

33 Weeks

How far along? 33weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still holding out at 35 lbs :)
Maternity Cloths? Yes and I just bought 2 nursing night tank tops for the hospital. Didn't want to feel to uncomfortable in a gown if people stop by to visit.
Stretch Marks? Nope I am still free of them! Yeah me!
Best Moment This Week: I think just knowing that Noah is safe and feeling him move around. it amazes me everytime and I don't think it ever gets old...even though it hurts like hell sometimes and I beg him to stop, I don't really want him to. Also being told I was beautiful by a couple different ladies who attend PWOC. I don't really know them, but it is nice to hear when you don't feel so great about yourself.
Food Cravings: Nope. Although I do think that I am going to induldge in some Guacamole today!
Gender: All Boy!
Labor Signs? Not that I can really tell. Although I think Noah might have started dropping already...time will tell.
Belly Button In or Out? Still in...and according to my husband it might go all the way through since the end is no where in sight!
What I Miss: Not having serious left hip pain that not only kicks my butt if I do certain things during the day, but also keeps me up a good deal at night over the last three days!
What I am Looking Forward too: Starting birthing classes on Tuesday, and just bonding more with Noah as we continues to grew and get ready to come and meet us!
Weekly Wisdom: Do things in small doses so as not to over do it! And don't stop walking! I miss it so much and can not wait to start again after 5 weeks, but I am terrified to go to far.
Milestones: Finishing up baby projects around the house like his burp cloths and a small scrapbook and working on finishing his baby blanket!

Friday, October 23, 2009

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 35 lbs.
Maternity clothes? honestly could someone not be in maternity clothes by now?
Stretch Marks? nope and I am so thankful everyday for not having any!
Sleep: back to normal after the shoulder pain stopped! And people can be as mad at me as they want, but this baby has yet to wake me up from sleeping or keep me up. :)
Best moment this week: Having my neck and upper back adjusted so the shoulder pain would stop. Also getting to talk to my doctor about a few things that I missed because of the ER trip last week.
Food cravings: No
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? in and I disovered that I have a freckle on the inside of my belly button.
What I miss: Being able to bend over without discomfort or feeling like I am smashing Noah. Getting of the couch or easy chair effortlessly.
What I am looking forward to: Starting our birthing classes in a few weeks...I know nothing like waiting untill the last moment right?
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy your husband every chance you get and let him "help you out" even when you think you can do it yourself! It makes him feel needed and lets you feel even more loved.
Milestones: Getting everything in Noah's room ready and in some kind of order. All his clothes under 6 months are washed along with his blankets, sheets, cloth diapers and wipes, bath stuff, nighties, socks, bibs, burb cloths and more! Everything that is essential to his arrival has been purchased and I now feel more at ease knowing there won't be many if any outings for Wes to run once Noah arrives.

Friday, October 16, 2009

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Down to 35 lbs! Now if it only keeps going in that direction! lol
Maternity clothes? yes and even a new bra with an extender.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: not so much with this shoulder issue, but it will get solved and then we should be fine.
Best moment this week: Spending a day with my mother and husband. And knowing that it sucked leaving my family, but I was also going home with "my family"
Food cravings: Missing the fall food, but still no cravings.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Don't know if they were contrations or not while grocery shopping but I don't know what else would hurt that bad! Thank God it stopped and I am going to take it easy the next couple of weeks!
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: Well I can see my ankles again, so needless to say I miss my family back in MI and TN. I also miss not having pain in my shoulder, being able to shave comfortably, along with painting my toe nails and I am sure I could list some others, but it is all worth missing knowing I get to meet Noah soon!
What I am looking forward to: Getting all of Noah's stuff organized and put away and then going out shopping for all the rest of the items he needs.
Weekly Wisdom: Don't travel on a plane after 30 weeks, or at least not for over 14 hours! It felt like a lifetime compared to flying at 27 weeks!
Milestones: Getting everything back to Hawaii for Noah, and getting stuff ready for his arrival.

Friday, October 9, 2009

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: holding out at about 37 lbs...
Maternity clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: still sleeping.
Best moment this week: having all of the grandparents be able to feel Noah and having him move more and more. Also watching Wes' face light up with excitement at different times over his son. The Shower that Mom and Debi threw was also a highlight because I was able to see so many people! Oh and Pregnancy photos.
Food cravings: Missing the fall food, but still no cravings.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: My feet not being swollen...And I am starting to think it is going to happen between now and Dec...oh the joys...So I might as well say I miss my ankles...
What I am looking forward to: Seeing Wes interact more and more with this baby and the joy he gets out of it.
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every moment and share it with the people around you.
Milestones: Having a wonderful shower where we were blessed with so many gifts, and having the pregnancy photos taken! Absolutely love them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just so everyone knows the updates of everything we are doing at home will be posted after we return to Hawaii. Pictures too.

Friday, October 2, 2009

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I am guessing about 37 lbs...
Maternity clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: definitely better at home, but hasn't been to bad for being away from my own bed and pillows.
Best moment this week: Having my family see me and my mom and dad getting to feel Noah move. Also the shower at my dad's house.
Food cravings: Not so much a craving, but taking advantage of the fresh cider and donuts in the fall weather.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: My feet not being swollen...I think the humidity in MI is def. having an affect :(
What I am looking forward to: Seeing more famlily and having them feel Noah.
Weekly Wisdom: Keep your feet elevated!
Milestones: Another healthy week and still feeling good.