Friday, September 30, 2011

19 weeks

Okay so a little disclaimer....I knew that I wasn't as far along as the doctor said, and today it was proven at the ultrasound so from now on the post will be going off from where my due date should be 24 Feb 2012 instead of where the doctor insist on keeping it 16 Feb 2012. The Dr. here will not change the due date because I am not 9+ days off I am only 8. 

How far along?  19 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +13lbs
Maternity clothes? of course
Stretch marks? My old ones are there but I swear the bio oil is actually helping! They are way less visible than what they were!
Sleep: It has been pretty good
Best moment this week: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound. Finding our we are having a BOY, and learning that he is healthy with no signs to worry :)
Movement: hardly anything. 
Food cravings: not really
Gender: ALL BOY! 
Labor Signs: Thank Goodness NO!
Belly Button in or out? still in. 
What I miss: Not having any back pains while doing chores.
What I am looking forward to: feeling our little boy move. 
Weekly Wisdom: It is okay to have a moment of sadness when you realize that your baby is a different gender than you were hoping for because once you have that moment and let it pass, you will realize how blessed you truly are to be having a baby at all. Especially a baby who is healthy and thriving. After I let that moment go, I am super excited to be having another boy. I am excited that Noah will have a brother to play with and that my life will be filled with unexpected surprises! 
Milestones: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound and knowing that we have been blessed with another little boy. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

18 weeks

How far along?  18 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +10lbs...I would say I am disappointed, but I looked back at the way I gained with Noah, and I am gaining the exact same way. That scares me a little because I started off heavier this pregnancy, but I am bound and determined to take it off after this Bambino makes his/her appearance!
Maternity clothes? of course
Stretch marks? yep just my old ones still- and i actually bought Bio-oil. Who knows if it will help, but here is to hoping.
Sleep: I have been sleeping like a log lately!
Best moment this week: feeling little flutters but nothing grand, and being able to tell where the baby was a few times after I woke up from a nap!
Movement: just a few small flutters. 
Food cravings: not so much this week
Gender: Only God knows. Praying this baby will reveal it to us in two more weeks at our ultrasound!
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? NE
What I miss: Not having any back pains while doing chores.
What I am looking forward to: feeling this baby move more. I am convinced that my long torso gives the baby to much room, so I don't feel very much movement this early. 
Weekly Wisdom: Smile and Breathe... :)
Milestones: Just feeling better in general.

Friday, September 9, 2011

17 weeks

How far along?  17 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I weighed in at the doctors today at either 7-8 lbs above my original weight, so I am not complaining especially since I didn't think about the doctor's apt the day before as I was enjoying some super salty gardettos!   
Maternity clothes? of course
Stretch marks? yep - old ones however, it is awful that they are less noticeable now because my stomach has "filled back out"! 
Sleep: I probably shouldn't even comment since it seems that when I do things take a turn for the worse! However it has been good the last handful of nights! I have only woken up about 1 time to pee and then I sleep until Noah wakes up...don't get me wrong that is by 5am but I will take it! 
Best moment this week: finally hearing this little love bug's heartbeat at the doctor's apt. it was strong and in the 150's. Noah was with me and when he heard it his face lit up and he said "BABY!" I guess maybe he is understanding more than I think :)
Food cravings: Chips - doritos and gardettos awful but wonderful at the same time. This kid just seems to want salt. 
Gender: Only God knows. 
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? NE
What I miss: Things are looking up some lately, maybe (cross my fingers) I am over the worst of it? I miss not having my neck and back hurt though. thankfully going to the chiropractor today to see if it helps!
What I am looking forward to: feeling closer to "normal"
Weekly Wisdom: remember to take time out and enjoy the child you already have. Don't let them get lost in your exhaustion and "to-do" lists. They are only this little at this time and you don't want to look back and know you missed it. 
Milestones: Hearing the heartbeat <3