Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two by Two the months pass by...

Dear Noah,

Oh the changes that take place in such a short time! Noah your momma is amazed at how quickly you change. This month was definitely not a disappointment. You started your forth month off by rolling over from your tummy to your back and although you have proven that you rolling over wasn't a fluke, you are definitely selective in where and how often you choose to roll over. The first time I found you rolled over was when I went to get you out of your crib. You were facing upwards which is not how momma put you to bed. I think that you were just as bewildered as momma about the whole experience. I think that most mornings you would be rolled over onto your back if you wouldn't first scoot yourself to the side of the bed, conveniently under your music box. Now as you try to roll over your booty hits the switch turning your music on and off. This happens more often than I can tell you, but you think it is funny.

Your other big accomplishment this month was being introduced to your first foods! Momma was trying to hold out until you were over four months old, however, you tried to eat every two hours on the 16th of April so I decided to give you a try on something new. Daddy and I mixed up your cereal and put you in your highchair, wiped out the baby spoon and you were in love! It took you a few minutes to understand what was fully going on, but once you figured it out you couldn't wait to get the next spoon full in your mouth. Then you tried to show momma how smart you are (even though I already know :) by taking the spoon from my hand and trying to feed yourself! And you did it! You actually got the spoon in and out of your mouth a couple of times. You did really good on your rice cereal for a few days so on Monday we decided to let you try your first Gerber food of Applesauce. Let's just say that today Applesauce was not your most favorite thing! I am sure given some time though and a day when you are a little more awake to eat you will learn to love Applesauce.

This month also brought your first cold. You got so congested that momma actually slept in your room one night because I was scared. You were having so much trouble breathing. I am not really sure if the congestion was caused by a little bug going around since momma and daddy got sick too, or if it has more to do with your teeth possible moving. Either way I am so glad that it has almost ended. Momma had to take you into the bathroom and sit in the steam, followed by a warm shower to loosen the crud. Daddy lowered one side of your box spring so your head was elevated and we also ran the Vick's Vaporizer. Momma gave you Tylenol for the first time because you were so uncomfortable and for a few days your temperature was close to 100 degrees F. Through it all, you were actually a pretty happy and content baby. You slept a little more and ate a little less, but the smiles never left your face.

Momma's heart has also been warmed this month by the return of your laughter! I am so glad that you have rediscovered this and are beginning to put it to full use. You laugh when daddy plays with you and when momma num nums on your neck, checks or belly.
You have also really began to imitate your daddy. Daddy has been working with you on saying momma, and you actually have begun to say it! The first time I heard you say it I thought for sure it was a coincidence, but you said it four more times in a row...and then when momma pulled the video camera out you decided to throw a fit, so momma couldn't get it on tape. You and daddy take turns gurgling, saying your m sounds, blowing spit bubbles by vibrating your tongue between your lips and sticking you tongue out at each other. It is a special time between you and daddy which you don't always let momma in on. When I come over to check you and daddy out I sometimes feel like I stepped into a boy's club where no girls are allowed. You become quiet and just look at daddy with your eyes saying "what's she doing here? I thought this was between us?" But honestly it doesn't bother momma to much. You and daddy need your time, and it makes me so happy to know that your momma has a wonderful husband who is such an amazing dad to you, our son. Momma hopes you grow to realize how lucky you are to have your daddy. He is an amazing man, husband, father, and an excellent role model for you to look up to.

You are also becoming so well behaved when you and momma go out shopping or running errands. You really enjoy looking around at the bright colors in the store and anything that is near you. You have become much more content sitting in your car seat; your stroller; or a cart, and playing with your toys that are attached to your car seat. You coo and smile and are such a handsome little boy, momma always gets tons of compliments on you. Everyone makes over you and how handsome you are, how much hair you have and your big smiles. They can not get over how well behaved you are and how social you are. You truly are a joy to be around.

Noah the last month has brought so many smiles to momma's face, I can only say Thank-you. Thank-you for being a bundle of joy that makes momma's heart melt every time I hear your laugh, see you smile or even breath in that sweet baby smell while you are snuggled against my chest.
With All My Love,

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