Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The second month...

My Dearest Noah,

Oh how you have changed! I woke up one day and really had to ask myself where my "little baby" had gone and who this big boy next to me was!

The highlight of this month was definitely seeing you smile and laugh for the first time! You have a smile that could light up any room and warm any heart. Your laugh comes from your belly and is so genuine everyone laughs back at you when they hear it. You think that 3:30 am is the most hilarious time of the day and love to try to talk and laugh with momma in bed. It is so hard to resist having a conversation with you at that time, but momma and you need our sleep, so I try to encourage you to laugh and talk between 6-7am when you wake up again.

Grandpa and Nannah Sutton came to visit you this month and they spoiled you rotten, but in the long run it is OK. You no longer find your play mat entertaining, although we are working on getting you to like it again. However, you have taken more to your swing and talking to the animals on it.

Speaking of talking you are really finding your voice lately. Your favorite sound seems to be ouh...kind of like ouch...but much cuter. You have started to squeal a little too although this startles you somewhat. You love to stand up in front of people and have conversations with them for long periods of time, but when you are done you melt down, like your legs can not take it anymore.

You are so strong and everyone comments on it, even the doctors. Like I said before you can stand up for long periods of time and you hold your head up all by yourself. You can lift your head up off the mat and turn it side to side even though you fight tummy time with everything in you, but momma is making you do it regardless. Some day you will thank me :) You have begun to find your hands even more and I know that you have to be wondering what they are there for. You have started to reach for stuff, but haven't quite got the fact that you could grab something in front of you if you wanted. You spread out your hands though trying to explore the whole world around you and everything that comes near you. When you do grab on to some one's finger good luck to them getting their finger back!

Momma and you are still working on the breastfeeding thing, but I know I just need to relax over the subject and know that I am doing a good job and you are getting what you need. I do love the time we spend together doing it though. We supplement about twice a day and you suck a bottle down faster than momma can make it! And you burp like a grown man. It is to funny.

You are still sleeping with momma despite my short lived attempt at getting you into your own bed, but honestly I really enjoy having you there and knowing you are my child. Eventually I will move you into your own bed, but for now I am just going to enjoy this time with you. You do take your naps in your own crib and you do very well with that when you are on your tummy. However, I am not willing to let you sleep on your tummy at night when I can not keep my eye on you. Maybe when you are able to roll over it will be time to try it out, but until then we will learn to be content.

You love to be rocked even more than you did before and you get so relaxed when momma hums to you. I don't sing much because I hope you have a better "ear" than me as you grow older, but you love the humming. I try to think of new songs everyday to sing to you, but you love Silent Night, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Strangers in the Night and The B-I-B-L-E...I don't know why but they just make you relax.

We sadly washed, folded and packed away your Newborn clothing at the end of 5 weeks. It was so sad, but you do look so cute in your 0-3 month outfits and the cloth diapers help you fill them right out! Hopefully we will make it through all of the outfits before we need to move onto the next size, but if not it is no big deal.

We also started using your cloth diapers this month, since we could finally get them tight enough around your legs and tummy. And we LOVE them! They keep you so dry and we haven't had any accidents with them. They also give momma a little something to hold on to when you are in her arms :) The diapers really require very little work besides rinsing the poo out of them when you go poo, and one extra load of laundry a day. I wash your diapers in the morning, hang them on the line and usually while you nap in the evening I stuff them and fold them again for the next day! I am so glad that I decided to have you be a cloth diapered baby and I can give a little bit back to the environment so you can enjoy it as you grow.

You checked out well at your Doctor's appointments and at 4 weeks you measured 21.5 inches long and weighed 9lbs 3oz. At 6 weeks you weighed 10lbs 2 oz, so you are definitely a growing boy. Your two month check up will bring another chance to see how much you have grown and your first round of immunizations. Hopefully we will handle it well.

I hope you know the joy and love you have brought to my life and you will forever feel loved and wanted. You are my angel and I thank God everyday for you. Continue to be happy and learn to love life with everything that is in your being. This is my wish for you.

With All of My Love,

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