Monday, March 15, 2010

The jealousy of your first "child"...

even if he is a cat.
Wesley and I adopted Saba from the Hawaiian Humane Society on 28 Feb 2009. He quickly became our "baby" and we lavished him with love and affection probably to what some people would consider an unhealthy degree. (Of course those people have probably never experienced the affection and warmth that a good lap cat can add to your heart!) Saba quickly became a family member and better to say he acted as my little shadow often. He was always the first to greet me in the morning and the last one to snuggle with me at night. Saba continued to snuggle with me all through my pregnancy up until about the last 4 weeks...I think I got up and down to often in the middle of the night to pee toward the end and he took to sleeping in many other places in the house.

When Noah came home with us, Saba continued to sleep other places at night such as the living room floor, back of the arm chair etc. However, the day I moved Noah out of our room, is the very same day Saba decided to "move" back in. I had no idea at the time that he was avoiding us because of the baby, I simply thought that he just found new comfortable spots to sleep.

But then the jealousy began...or at least I should say began to be more evident. Saba again meets me ever morning, except for now he meows at me to get me attention and runs between my feet. He gets on my lap when I sit down and hangs on for dear life if I try to move him off from me because I need to get up. But among the funniest thing that he has done lately is find even more "spots to sleep" or should I say spots he tries to take over and claim as his own...and yes everyone of these "spots" belong to Noah.

What I thought was "curiosity" from the cat, I seriously now believe is "jealousy". I always thought "first-borns" were a little more possessive, but I never thought that it would apply to an animal as well.
I wish I had pictures of him in a few other places he has "tried out" as well. Including the Car seat and Stroller.

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