Monday, March 22, 2010

My baby is Three...Months old that is.

Dearest Noah,

Time seams to escape me these days as it has been forever since I have written a letter to you. However, it is never very far from my mind. Finding the time to write when I feel the motivation to write at the same time is much harder.

You have definitely grown over the weeks. When I took you in for your "two month" check up (when in deed you were actually just over 9 weeks old) you weighed in at a whopping 12lbs 1oz and 23 inches long, and you haven't slowed down since! You are slowly coming up to the end of wearing some of your 3month clothes and I have washed and prepped the 3-6 month clothes to get them ready. Some of those clothes though I think I should have pulled out sooner because they appear to be on the smaller side.

You are so alert and interactive these days. You love to have conversations with momma and daddy and even with your toys. You have attempted at trying out a few consonant sounds but are sticking more to the vowels for now. You have gotten louder and louder as you continue to find your voice. It is evident that you have an opinion and want it to be are your mother's child.

You wake up so happy from your night time slumber and naps and almost always greet momma with big smiles and coos. You rarely wake up crying but instead babble in your bed until someone comes to get you. You have decided that you like your music box that hangs from your crib and you lay there contently talking to it as it sings you to sleep or keeps you occupied for short periods of time so momma can get a few things done.

You have begun to like tummy time a little more as we continue to work on it every day. Your favorite toy right now is a stuffed bright red monkey in a hula skirt. I think you would talk to Hula monkey almost all day given the chance. Momma and you play with your toys on your blanket for a few hours everyday and you have begun to explore your toys more by grabbing them, hanging onto them and moving them around on your own.

You have been bringing your hands together in front of you for awhile now and find great comfort and joy in sucking on your fists. At first this was something that you only did when you were extremely tired, but now you do it more often. Your arm and leg movements have definitely become more controlled and have more purpose now than they had before.

When momma rocks you to sleep you have started to try and grab her hair, but fortunately when momma asks you to "please let go" it is like you understand and let go every time. You also let go of momma's necklaces when asked. Momma can only hope that this continues as you get older.

Your bath time has become so much fun! You splash so hard the water splashes out of your tub and even out of the big tub onto momma and daddy. It is hilarious and makes you squeal. Daddy and I feel blessed that you enjoy your bath so much and never even complain if the water gets in your face.

You and I have somewhat settled into a routine although nothing is carved in stone and both of us try at least to be flexible with the other. You wake everyday around 5:50 am and I come to get you out of bed around 6. I was hoping more for seven, but someone must have told you that the early bird gets the worm because I thought I was the early riser, but you seem to beat me almost every morning. After talking to you for a min or two, I change your pants and then we head out to prepare a bottle. You are up to drinking 6oz at a sitting now. After burping you and a few more morning chats you usually lay under your play mat for about 30mins or so talking with your animals, and scooting all over. This gives momma time to get breakfast, wake up a little and check some e-mails and facebook. After a little while we sit and chat with each other and or play with some of your toys. About 7:30-8am you start getting sleepy, so we rock until you fall asleep and then I lay you in your crib or on my chest for a little nap. This nap is generally 40-60 mins long and you wake up again ready to eat. So it is on to bottle #2, burps, and then either a bath and/or getting you dressed and ready for the day. After you are dressed and ready for your day, you and momma normally play for another hour to two hours and then you go down for another hour nap. Then it is bottle #3...rinse, wash repeat....almost. We play for a few more hours, then you usually take another nap around 2pm to 3:30pm and then bottle #4. We usually read stories while laying on the floor after bottle #4. Daddy comes home around 4:30pm and plays with you until you get sleepy. This is when we start our night time routine.

At night we like to calmly change your diaper and get you into your pj's. Then we come out to the living room and shut all the blinds. you have bottle #5, burp, read a story, say our prayers and then rock until you fall asleep. This pattern has gone pretty well and it seems to calm you down and let you know that it is bedtime. You go to bed anywhere between 5pm-7:30pm although this month it has been closer to the 5pm side most nights. You sleep so soundly until somewhere between 2:30-4:30am everyday. You end up waking up when you have run out of room to scoot in your crib. :) Daddy and I have taken to placing you all the way at one end of your crib at night because you scoot in your sleep until you reach the other side, at which time you wake up. When you wake up, it is a quick diaper change, bottle #6 for the day, burping, rocking and putting you back to bed. it usually takes you a little bit to fall asleep after this feeding and sometimes I wonder if you always do, for you get to talking to yourself and forget to stop sometimes. On these mornings momma lets you talk in your own bed with the door pulled almost closed and I go back to bed. Even though I never sleep well because I wake up to every sound you make, but I don't know if I would choose to have it any other way.

This month also marked your first time "sleeping through the night." On 27 Feb 2010 you slept for 7.5 hours straight! I was sooooo excited, after a moment of panic and I realized that you were just fine. And you continued to shock me by sleeping as long as 10.5 hours straight over the next few weeks. It still fluctuates at times, but most nights you make it right around 9.5 hours before waking up.

You love your books! you love looking at the pictures and listening to the stories. I can not believe how content you are most nights and especially during the day when you are read to. I pray you continue to enjoy stories and when you learn to read someday you will learn to sit contently with a good book.

March marked another milestone for you and I. Momma had to go to the Doctor because her ears were hurting her so bad, and the Doctor told momma that she really needed to go back on her allergy meds. Of course momma knew that the meds would reduce how much milk momma could make for you even though the doctor didn't believe me. Momma tried to hold off taking the medication, but after days, weeks and months of non stop sneezing and misery momma had to start feeling better, so I took it. Of course momma's milk supply went down, so needless to say you are basically a formula feed baby, but we tried Peanut, we really did. So although momma can still Breastfeed you about twice a day right now this special bonding time will probably not last much longer. However, it is ok. I am sure that if you ever read these letters when you are older the fact that I breast feed you let alone told you about it will probably completely creep you out. I am convinced that we will have many other things to bond over, and that you will enjoy knowing about those things much more.

Noah, you are such a happy baby and I can only pray and hope that God helps you to carry that happiness inside of you forever.

With All of My Love,

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