Saturday, May 22, 2010

More than a Handful of Memories...

Dear Noah,
Five Months have past quicker than I have ever thought possible, but the memories that come with each one are numerous. This month was sure to not disappoint in the number of memories or "first" experiences for you.
You started the month off giving Momma and Daddy the biggest scare so far. You woke up at midnight on 7 May 2010 and Daddy was going to give you a bottle and put you back to sleep, but Momma could tell something was wrong with the way you were crying. You were so upset, and that is just not you. So I got up, and right away I could tell you were burning up. I quickly got you undressed to take your temperature and as I assumed it was high. 103.2 degrees! I quickly shoved some Tylenol down you, and called Grandma Mary. After a few minutes momma and daddy decided to take you to the ER. Momma quickly threw some bags together and got dressed. Daddy drove us to Tripler where we got in rather quickly. All the Doctors and nurses were really concerned and decided to run some test since they said it was not common for little babies to get that high of temperatures. You got your first catheter, IV, x-rays and multiple other "hospital" things and Momma got the prize of her first Puke bath. You got me good to. Right down the front of my shirt and into the bra. You couldn't have asked to have better aim. It was disgusting, but after a quick clean up, I was right back to worrying about you. Your temperature went up to 103.5 degrees which gave you the shakes. Momma was so scared that something else was wrong with you, but the doctors reassured me it was from your fever. After a long night of being poked and prodded you were admitted to the PEDS unit. The doctors continued to give you IV drugs and the grew cultures of your blood fearing you had gotten MIRSA, but as we would find out later nothing grew out of the cultures.
We spent two days in the PEDS unit. We not only celebrated you finally starting to feel better, we also celebrated momma's first Mother's Day in the hospital. You were a great baby through it all. You cried during your 2 IV's which is completely understandable, and you cried because you were so tired by Sat. morning you were beside yourself. When you finally got to sleep you were such a good baby. You never really complained about anything after you had gotten sleep even through all the poking by the nurses and doctors. You came down with the worst butt rash in the world and it looked so painful momma felt sorry for you. We put you in disposables for the first time since you were 5 weeks old because the medicine caused you to have such bad diapers we were going through them to fast to keep up with your cloth diapers. Plus momma could use creams on your bottom in the disposables.
We were finally sent home on oral medication late Sunday night. You spent the next week mostly recovering and trying to catch up on your sleep.
The following weekend you went with Momma and Daddy to a marriage retreat in Waikiki, HI. Daddy had to work it, so we all went along. This was your first hotel stay, and I must say you made out! We stayed at the Hilton Prince Kuhio Waikiki and it was a super nice hotel. Momma bounced you on the bed, Daddy showed you the sights of the ocean and city from the Balcony and you thought you were King of the bed while you held the remote and watched Sesame Street. You behaved like an Angel through all the meetings only letting out one little yell, when you woke up in your stroller not knowing where you were. You also went in a pool for the first time which you loved, but we couldn't stay long because the wind was just to chilly. Daddy, Momma and you strolled down Waikiki going in and out of some of the shops along the way and we had a bite to eat on our free time.
Momma's friend Bridget from college came to visit as well, and you and momma had a great time hanging out with her and showing her parts of the island.
The next weekend we had to leave the house again because it had to be termite tented, but the hotel wasn't nearly as nice this time around. Daddy, Momma and you spent Friday evening walking through Waikiki again and what a different site! There were street vender's and performers everywhere and of course tons of people. We ate on the rooftop Margarita Grill, and you had to much fun checking everything out to stay asleep for long. It was the first time you actually stayed awake late and you made it all the way to 10pm with only about a 20-30 min nap during dinner. I actually think that Momma and Daddy passed out before you after we got back to the hotel. We left the hotel early the next morning and spent the day out shopping and then over to Uncle Jake's and aunt Trish's.
You have continued to make your momma smile this month, and I have a feeling those smiles are not even about to stop. You make everyday worth waking up to and every night time prayer full of things to be thankful for. Thank you for being you. I look forward to watching you grow and experience life in every way.
Love Always,

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