Monday, June 21, 2010

Can you believe we are half way there?

Dear Noah,
Can you believe that we are half way to your first birthday? It seems like yesterday you were born, but at the same time it is getting harder and harder to remember you being so little and dependent. You have grown again in so many ways! You are becoming more and more independent in everything you do, and while this is exciting, it is also sad for momma. I fear the day that you will not "need" your momma, but I rejoice in the evident fact that you are a thriving healthy little boy!

This month you have begun to drink out of a sippy cup. Although you do not get a ton of water out of it at any one time, you love to chew on the mouth piece and take it in and out of your mouth. I am quiet amazed by your hand eye coordination at such an early age.

You began to really scoot at the beginning of the month. First it was backwards and in a circle and slowly you started to move forwards and to the sides. As this month is coming to a close you have begun to push yourself up onto your hands and knees and you are even rocking back and forth! I think you are still trying to decide weather you want to crawl or bear walk, since you get all the way up onto your toes with your butt in the air. I am guessing that by next week you will have figured out how to actually crawl forward and momma will be in for a whole new adventure!

You began to really teeth this month too. And on 12 June 2010 your first tooth came through your gums! It was your front bottom right tooth. You were so good natured through it. About the only difference momma really noticed is that you didn't want to be left alone and you ate a little less. I thought that I would really miss your toothless grin, but I am definitely getting used to your new grin with a tooth!

You also tried some new foods to include watermelon (you loved it!), cantaloupe (hated it), mango (love), baby oatmeal (love), apple/blueberry (like) and peas (love). Needless to say you are not that picky so far.

Your hair is getting so long, momma isn't sure how much longer we can go without having it cut. It no longer wants to comb over to the side but go straight down the front and it is right above your eyes. We will have to see what happens. Momma is truly not ready to have your hair cut, so maybe Ms. Katie can look at it and give us some suggestions.

You are getting so big too. You are wearing mostly 9 month clothes, some 12 months and just a few 6 months. It is definitely time to pack away some more of your clothes and it will not be long before we will have to go out and buy you some more!

You have started staying up a little later at night. You now go to bed anywhere between 5-8pm, and you are still getting up between 4:15-6am. Momma and daddy enjoy having a little more time with you at night to be able to enjoy your laughter and smiles which have become quiet frequent and abundant.

Keeping the water in your bathtub is a challenge all in itself. You splash so much that almost half the water is out of your tub before momma can get you scrubbed up. You really want to sit up in your tub, and momma tried it, but you are so slippery it is hard. However, we will have to work on it because I don't think you will be able to lay back in it much longer, you are just to long.

As we begin the second half of the year together momma has prepared herself for change because it is obviously inevitable. You are changing everyday and in every way possible. Looking back at your photos I sometimes wonder where my little baby went, and then I realize that you haven't left me, but you have become an even more adorable little boy. Thank you for sharing your love with me and giving momma the moments she needs to accept all the changes that you bring to her life every day. Change is never easy, but you sure make going through it worth while.

With All My Love,

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