Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh My, Oh Dear, Has It Been a Year?

My Sweet Baby Noah,
To much time has past since Momma has last wrote to you, but by no means have I not thought about it. Time has just simply slipped away from me and to be honest I think a part of me thought that if I stopped writing about how fast you were growing, maybe just maybe time would slow down.

Unfortunately, time is still moving, and moving way to fast in my opinion. Many things have happened in the last 6 months. You have accomplished so many first, along with a few lasts, and grown in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin.
(Deep breath and biting my lip to hold back tears)

The day you turned 6 months old you decided that it was time to roll from your back to your tummy and you began to scoot everywhere!

At six and a half months you took one of your first steps. Literally. You began to pull yourself up beside momma as I laid on the floor and within a few days you were pulling yourself up to the furniture and walking along it! I couldn't believe it. And the moment you did it, it was like you had done it your whole life. There was no holding you back. You started cruising along furniture and soon you were transferring from the couch to the coffee table and back! Everyday it seemed liked you pushed yourself a little more, stretching just a little further or letting go just a little longer.

Just shy of 8 months old you began to take your baths in the big bathtub and you were in love. You had no fear of laying down in the tub either on your tummy or back and no problem with momma and daddy dumping water over your head. Daddy is the best at getting you to splash and I think your goal is to soak him every time! Momma also had to cave on the haircut. Your beautiful blonde hair had to be tamed. Momma and Dadda took you to Pigtails and Crewcuts for your very first haircut and I couldn't believe how different you looked after it was done. You went from a little baby to a little boy. You were so well behaved through the whole thing. You never fused or cried. Of course sitting in a fire engine chair always helps!

8 months brought your first words! You graced me with hearing Momma first, followed the next day by baba and a few days later by Dadda...needless to say Dadda became your favorite word unless you were tired or upset. You also learned how to wave bye bye.

The day you turned 9 months old Momma and you headed to Michigan, where Daddy was going to meet us in a few weeks. You took your first plane ride and by accident you went on your first bus ride too because our 2nd flight got cancelled. You were so good natured for the entire 20 hour trip only fusing for about 5 mins during the last 20 mins of the bus ride when you were exhausted! While we were in Michigan you got to see Grandma Mary again and meet all of momma's other family members, including your Grandpa Conley, Grandpa and Grandma Randall, your Great Grandmothers and so many more! Plus when daddy came to meet us you got to see Grandpa and Nannah Sutton again and all of daddy's family too. We went to the fall festivals, Art Prize, pumpkin patches and orchards along with some shopping and good quality family time. You seemed to take to everyone and everyone loved on you while we were there. You took your first steps by yourself on momma's 30th birthday! It was 2 small steps but they were distinct and they were to momma! At just 9.5 months old! Everyone was so proud of you! You also surprised us by playing Peek-A-Boo with momma and daddy while they were on the computer!

The most important part of the trip though was that you were BAPTIZED! Momma and daddy had you baptized at St. Peter's Luthren Church in Richmond, MI. After the baptism we had a cookout with the family and you were blessed with many presents and lots of love.

Month 10 brought improved walking skills and of course your first Halloween where you dressed up as a monkey for a brief period of time. You also started to "talk on the phone." Using anything your could get your hands on or even your hands themselves. You thought that everything was a phone and you babbled away!

Thanksgiving came in November, along with your ability to clap your hands by yourself. You also started to let momma know when you had dirty pants and needed to be changed. you would let momma know by coming up to her and grunting to get her attention. And when momma said "ok let's change your pants" you would head right down the hallway to your changing table!

December brought your 1st birthday! We had a huge party for you! We decorated the Lani and back yard in primary colors and Whinnie the Pooh decor. We had blow up pools, a sprinkler, bubbles, and a big hit was your sand and water table. You had a great time playing with all of the kids and just wondering around the yard. Momma made and decorated your Tigger cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday To You! Despite not feeling the best you were a trooper and played the part.
On your actual birthday Momma and Daddy took you to the Honolulu Zoo after your 1 year check up at the doctor's office. You had fun watching the monkeys swinging back and forth, and chasing after the wild peacock. You feel asleep as we were getting ready to head to lunch, but woke up in time to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Momma shed a few tears as your time of birth past and Daddy got a few chuckles out of it. The waiters brought you fresh strawberries with whipped cream for your birthday surprise because strawberries are your favorite!

Noah it has been a wonderful year. Watching you grow has been remarkable, a year I hope that I never forget. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for all the lessons you continue to teach me every day. You have filled my life with love, laughter and joy.

You are my sunshine and I will always love you to the moon and back.
With All My Love,

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