Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Name Game!

Alright, so how in the world do two people come up with names that they agree on to give a child for the rest of that child's life? Honestly? Girl names seem to be coming a little easier, which leaves me to feel even more like I am going to have a boy, just so this can be harder yet! However, boy names seem impossible to come by! It is hard, and even harder when you have to pick a middle name that sounds good with the first and last! It is no wonder there are so many names repeated throughout the world! lol. I want to give our kid a name with some meaning behind it, but at the same time I don't want it to be: to common; to old fashion; to far out there; to feminine or masculine; to short; to long; to many nicknames; no nicknames; the wrong set of initials...etc. etc. There is so much to think about, and yet it doesn't seem like it should be this hard! Wes wants to wait until we find out what the sex of the baby is, which I guess would save a lot of time and headaches thinking about it before hand, but what else do I have to think about when I don't work and all of my belongings are sitting at a dock somewhere? You can only go so far on the internet until you find the end of it. And speaking of which have you tried to look up names on the internet? Good luck pronouncing half of those, and you have to look most of them up by category. English? French? African? Chinese? Christian? New Age? Popular? Biblical? Irish? How about just list the damn names in alphabetical order and take out the repeats! Man that would make it simple. Anyways, we haven't made much progress on the name game yet, but I know we will get there somehow....

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