Monday, April 11, 2011

Note to self...

I really want to start blogging again, but let's be honest I am over the old 30 day challenge I started...hence the fact I quit half way through.
On a positive note for that subject I did lose 5 lbs! So That did make me happy, but I wasn't nearly as dedicated to the whole process as I should have been. However, something obviously worked. Oh and I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes...the larger ones, but still they fit. Not that I will be sporting them anytime soon.

So for now it is just going to be some random postings. Things that I think about, or maybe don't think enough about.


  1. You can do it amanda! If it makes you feel better I'm going through the same. It takes up to a year for your body to fully recover. You are doing great.

  2. Thanks Blanca! I know I can do it, it is just all about discipline. I do believe it takes a year to recover, but I should have been more dedicated to the process earlier on! Good luck to you!