Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7 weeks along!

How far along?  7 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: No...I thought I went up a pound or so but it must have been water weight!
Maternity clothes? I don't need them, but I did pop into the maternity store and bought some new clothes. And Yes I am lounging in some at the house today because I haven't done laundry and they are comfy and I don't feel the best.
Stretch marks? my old ones.
Sleep: I seriously need a nap right now...but of course Noah is awake...maybe in a few hours. My workout really took a lot out of me.
Best moment this week: Actually feeling almost better after my allergy if the cough would just go fully away!
Movement: No
Food cravings: Salads....and I don't think it is making me feel very good today!
Gender: Only God knows. 
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Not having bathroom issues...enough said.
What I am looking forward to: Going to the doctor next Monday for the paperwork apt. And getting to discuss a few things and set up the first Doctor's apt...where we will hear the heart beat!
Weekly Wisdom: Lay down when your toddler lays down...because by the time you get tired, he is waking up!
Milestones: Everything is still going good as far as I can tell.

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  1. Oh, the toddler laying down thing! I used to wait to take my nap until I knew Sam was asleep. Now if I want a nap at all, I have to start mine the second I put him down.

    Of course, it's almost midnight and said toddler is still wide awake. Something has messed with his sleep schedule and it will need to be fixed before the next baby comes.