Monday, July 25, 2011

25% done with this pregnancy...can hardly believe it...

How far along?  10 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I am not even getting on the scale right now. I have had salty food, so for my sanity I will stay off from it for right now.
Maternity clothes? Yes...although I still fit into my normal clothes the maternity ones are so much more comfortable since they never press on my stomach
Stretch marks? my old ones...and i am seriously thinking about using Bio - oil
Sleep: Awful...I have been waking up 1-3 times a night to pee, and at least one of those I have to get some soy milk and a granola bar...i am having a horrible time falling back to sleep, and am out of bed every morning by 430...crazy that this is so close to exactly how it was when i was pregnant with Noah...besides I pee way more often
Best moment this week: My cough is mostly gone which has cut down on the severity of the dry heaving/puking which is always a bonus...THIS IS GOING TO BE TMI....but at least now I am not tickling in my pants as i try to puke over the toilet! honestly I have NEVER had urinary issues before or after giving birth to Noah, but I felt like an old lady every time I had to run to the bathroom!
Movement: No :(
Food cravings: Another pregnant friend mentioned Biscuits and gravy on Sunday, and i couldn't get it out of my we went to IHOP...not the best biscuits and gravy, but it did the job.
Gender: Only God knows. 
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? Still in
What I miss: Not feeling sick if I don't eat something every 2 hours...honestly I would rather go through another 60 hours of labor than have to eat every 2 hours!! This is the worst part of being pregnant...I can not wait until it passes!
What I am looking forward to: Hearing that precious heartbeat in a few weeks at the doctor's and not having to eat every two hours!
Weekly Wisdom: Fully stock your house and freezer with food BEFORE you get pregnant...for some reason the Commissary gives me extreme sickness...even the thought of going there makes me want to puke! Between the smells and the temperature changes, it is inevitable that I am going to feel sick 
Milestones: I am already 25% done with this pregnancy! Can not believe how fast it has gone...but I am not complaining either ;)

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  1. The commissary always makes me ill, but for different reasons. Like when I'm forced to go on payday. Or when I get high blood pressure from trying to park. :-)

    And it totally wasn't me mentioning the biscuits and gravy, but it's funny because I had that this past week, too.