Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 4: Photo Challenge

Day 4: A Picture of Your Night.
My night was spent doing many things including making dinner for my family, bathing my son, baking two types of Banana bread, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and studying the above. I decided that I really want to try and read the Bible everyday. I know, I know, I should have been doing this all along, but I haven't been so faithful. I have tried many times to read the Bible and in many different ways. I usually make it until about March and for whatever reason fade out after that. That old saying that if you do something for 27 days in a row it becomes habit....don't believe it. This year is a prime example. I didn't miss a night of reading the Bible until...yup you guessed 28! Things happened that day, and I am making up for the lost day and not letting it get me discouraged, but it is funny how much faster "habits" are lost than they are made. 

So tonight I spent some time in the Word and the Good Word it is. As you can see, I am also doing Beth Moore's study on the book of Daniel! What a GREAT Bible study it is! This is the type of Bible study that I have been longing for since forever! This study teaches you the Word of God. The History. The Story. And after the Explanations then it relates it to modern day life! This isn't a Bible study that is all about me and "what can I get from it?" This is simply a Bible study about God's word and what it means. Powerful stuff and I highly recommend it to anyone no matter how much you know about or understand the Bible. You will learn a great deal from this study and the way it is put together. 

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