Monday, August 15, 2011

13 weeks

How far along?  13 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Let's just say that I might be tossing the scale soon. I think I am up about 7 lbs total so far which is completely and utterly discouraging and I am so po-ed over it I can not even think about it. I know this happened with Noah, but I have been trying really hard to watch what I eat and all. It has been extra hard with my in-laws in town and being on the go, and my tummy has really been giving me issues, but I am sure the weight is probably not going anywhere so it just makes me mad. 
Maternity clothes? of course
Stretch marks? yep - old ones
Sleep: I have actually been sleeping pretty well on the air mattress, but I have been lacking some sleep since we were on the go so much. Thankfully my in-laws  are super understanding and don't fuss that I go to bed early and let me take a nap today as well. 
Best moment this week: hmmm...I can find one I am sure....Got to go to the Big Island of Hawaii and felt great when I took the anti nausea bad the side affects from them suck later on :)
Movement: Nope not this week
Food cravings: Still hating food....because it hates me. 
Gender: Only God knows. 
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? NE
What I miss: Not puking my brains out and dry heaving all the time!! honestly I thought that things were supposed to get better at the end of the first trimester not worse!!
What I am looking forward to: Feeling better and not puking!
Weekly Wisdom: Remember to rest even when you have company or you might become a cranky bitch! 
Milestones: Last week of 1st trimester!

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