Friday, November 20, 2009

36 Weeks..28 days left!

How Far Along? 36 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss? Whoever said you are suppose to stop gaining weight in your last month either was delusional or really lucky. Unfortunately I just stepped on the scale for this blog and needless to say I am an additional 5 lbs heavier than last week! What the hell? So I think I am about 41 lbs heavier altogether now. Sweet Jesus. I keep hoping for a small baby, but I might just change my mind and wish for a big one so he can take some of this weight with him!
Stretch Marks? Unfortunately I think the damn stretch mark demon got me, but luckily for now they are hair line thin and few. Hopefully the liquid Vitamin E oil last another 4 weeks! I almost think it might have been better to get them earlier on so at least I couldn't have the thought that "I was so close to the end without them!"
Best Moment This Week? I don't think anything big or life changing happened this last week, and honestly the best moment just had to be going on a date with my husband. Besides Noah's movements and our inseparable time together, Wes and I did find two sweet deals at Babies R Us. First we got a really nice Chicco highchair for $80.00 (normally $150.00) and a Graco Playard for $40.00 (normally the cheapest you can find is about $70.00). I followed those two good deals up with some cheap cheap cheap clothes purchases for when he is a little older. I am talking $2.00 pants, PJ sets and outfits. I didn't go overboard, but you have to take advantage of deals that are to good to pass up! I also won a door prize, got $75.00 worth of brand new baby goods and a $25.00 gift card for torturing myself through a child prep class here on base! Oh the things I do for a good deal!
Food Cravings? Funny enough with all the weight gain the biggest cravings I have had are still for salads! lol...ironic....although I did make Homemade Dark Chocolate Chip cookies this last week as well...but we will avoid talking about those! :)
Gender? Noah is still a boy as far as I know.
Labor Signs: No and If I am having Braxton Hicks Contractions I can't tell. Hopefully that is not a sign that labor is no where in sight! I feel like I want to be checked so at least I have an idea of what is going on down there in Lady Land, but the doctors here take a very non-invasive approach to labor so I am going with the flow. No more information will be given until after our next apt on Dec. 1st. and they might check might not...time will tell.
Belly Button: Still in.
What I Miss: The ease of movement. I am starting to feel stiffer and really wish now I would have found and paid for a prenatal yoga class, but we had goals of paying off some bills and you give up things to make your goals. Lord knows it is perfect timing though because the bills will be paid off right before Noah is due, and I am going to the spa after his arrival!
What I am looking forward to: The ENDING of the Child Birth Education Classes! And No I am pretty sure I am not taking part in the Pizza party they are having next week during class nor am I signing up to come back for a reunion once everyone has had their babies! BA-HUMBUG! I mean honestly is it just me being a scrooge, or are we all a little to old to be doing shit like this with people we don't even know?
Weekly Wisdom: If you do enough of your own research you probably don't need to torture yourself with Child Birth Classes. And if the classes run to long feel free to walk out...I personally think it is much more rude for the instructors to keep a bunch of pregnant ladies in uncomfortable chairs over dinner (5-8pm)time for 3 hours when we were told the classes were suppose to be 2 hours!
Milestones: Getting to the last 28 days. :) Being so close to meeting Noah and yet feeling so far away!

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  1. At this point in my pregnancy- I wasn't pregnant- I had a 2 day old baby. Glad you are still pregnant. Hang in there.