Thursday, December 3, 2009

38 weeks and waiting...

How Far Along? 38 weeks and waiting...

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yeah you guessed it I am now up to 45 lbs...wonderful....the fact that I actually had to lean over my belly to see the numbers at the doctor's office should have been my first clue not to look!

Maternity Cloths: This is a No-Brain er

Stretch Marks: Yes, I do have some on my stomach and dots on my hips..see the attached picture if you dare. :) Luckily they haven't gotten any worse.

Best Moment This Week: Watching Noah move his butt from side to side on my stomach and seeing Wes' face as he realised he was grabbing Noah's foot.

Movement: Noah is wiggling from side to side, trying to walk on my side and sliding his 'feet' or some other pointy part down my sides :)

Food Cravings? Nope, actually it is going back to the beginning when nothing looked good, sounded good, or tasted good.

Gender? Still a boy

Labor Signs: No labor signs yet, besides the BH contractions and the fact his head is so dang low the doctor looked surprised.

Belly Button: It hasn't changed any is still in

What I Miss: Unrestricted long morning walks, breathing normally, and not thinking about labor every breathing second of my day :)

What I am Looking Forward to: Labor....being able to see, smell, hold and love on Noah

Weekly Wisdom: Never let someone convince you that you will probably go into labor early. it is honestly not worth the let down when it doesn't happen. Take the due date your doctor has given you, add two weeks to it and tell people that is when you are due. That way maybe they won't ask so often, you won't get your hopes up of having the kid before that date, but if you do go into labor sooner then it will be a pleasant surprise!

Milestones: 38 weeks...I don't need a bigger milestone than that!

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