Friday, December 11, 2009

39 weeks...can't believe it is almost over

How Far Along? 39 wonderful weeks :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: holding out at 45 lbs.
Maternity Cloths: yes
Stretch Marks: yes
Best Moment this Week? Being told by the doc that the baby was about 7 lbs...needless to say I laughed because I am sure he is bigger. Also that things are progressing in the right direction, even if they are taking their time!
Movement: Little wiggles, definitely no room left for him to be rolling around!
Food Cravings: no
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Yes...ok here is the TMI section so skip ahead if you want! My cervix is Anterior...which is the correct position, 1 cm dilated as of Wed. Lost part of the mucus plug Wed. Had period like cramping on and off but lots Thursday morning. I am completely constipated, go figure and I keep having labor dreams...oh yeah plus some contractions on and off, some slight swelling and I am hot all the time!
Belly Button: Way in Still
What I miss: being able to bend without the hard hard stomach getting in the way...comfortably tying my own shoes! Thanks Wes for helping me out!
What I am looking Forward to: MEETING NOAH! It can not get much more real than that. 10 months is a long time to wait to meet our child, and I am praying he comes in the next 7 days so we don't have to go over 10 months!
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy those last secret moments between you and your baby. Feeling him move and grow inside you is an amazing thing, so cherish it.

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