Saturday, December 19, 2009

40 weeks...

How far Along? 40 weeks! We made it...this baby should be done cooking!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 47lbs! OOOYYYEE ....oh well, I know he is going to be worth every lb.
Maternity cloths: Yes and I will say amazingly they do fit through the whole pregnancy like the woman said...crazy since you don't know how big you are going to get!
Stretch Marks? yeah I got them....but they are not multiplying so that is good.
Sleep: It is starting to get worse as time goes on, but I still get enough of it.
Best Moment This week: Having the Doctor tell me that everything is looking great especially for a first time mom, and then having really good contractions on his due date...maybe they will be going somewhere! We also received our crib in the mail from Grandpa Sutton! It is homemade and absolutely beautiful!
Movement? Noah has slowed down the last couple of days, but we still get our special moments in :)
Food Cravings? Just last night it was oreos
Gender: BOY
Labor signs: YES YES YES! As of Wed I was still only one cm dilated, but 50% effaced, with the baby fully engaged and the cervix still in the correct position. (This is what made the doctor so happy) We decided to have my membranes striped, and Thursday morning I definitely lost my mucus plug....and it was disgusting! I had contractions and back ache starting late Thursday night and they went pretty much until 5-6 pm on Friday night and then began to taper we will see, but at the very least hopefully progress was made!
Belly Button: In
What I Miss: Wearing my wedding ring :( That's right I had to take it off last week with the fear I would otherwise have to have it cut off. I could still wear it around the house (if I wasn't up and walking a lot) until yesterday when it wouldn't fit over my knuckle in the morning! So sad! So yes I am swollen and it makes for being uncomfortable.
What I am Looking Forward to: LABOR AND BIRTH! I know I know, but I truly am looking forward to it! And of course meeting Noah, holding him for the first time, seeing him, smelling him, all those good things.
Milestones: This baby should be fully cooked! We hit 40 weeks, and although I would have loved to meet my son anytime, I am extremely happy that we made it to our due date with no complications.

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