Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I watched Julie and Julia last night on dvd, and I am inspired to try a "project" blog. For no other reason or purpose than to do it for myself. I am contemplating what to do though and I am thinking about trying to commit to it for a full year as well. I have some thoughts of what to do but I have not decided on anything definite yet. If it was up to Wesley I am sure he would suggest that I learn how to cook french food since that is by far his favorite, but I want it to be for me. The next decision after deciding on the content is to decide how often to blog...which might be hard to do daily with a new born....also whether I keep going with this blog, start a new blog, do both etc. I make another blog on this blogger, or find a different one? So many questions...I hope to have it figured out by the beginning of the new year...which is when I would want to start this whole process, but that is another problem because I will be very busy with visitors in town for 5 weeks as well as having a new born and the wrapping up of holidays. Oh the decisions....check back soon and I will keep you posted as I make decisions.

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