Friday, October 7, 2011

Half baked at 20 weeks!!

How far along?  20 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: +13 pounds
Stretch marks? the old ones are becoming less and less noticeable! So it is either from the Bio-Oil or because my tummy has filled them back out!
Sleep: it has all been good besides my allergies when I am waking up in the morning are killing me!!
Best moment this week: Picking out a name for our little guy! Eli Randall Sutton. I can not wait to meet him and have him in our arms.
Movement: Friday was my birthday and Eli graced me with 3 large summersaults in my tummy as I was waking up. It was a great birthday gift!
Food cravings: nope
Gender: We have a Wiener!
Labor Signs: Thankfully no.
Belly Button in or out? I don't think it is going to pop out with this pregnancy either but who knows we are only half way there!
What I miss: My allergies not being out of control!
What I am looking forward to: just looking forward to having two Sons!
Weekly Wisdom: Many people have told me that your 2nd pregnancy goes so much faster than your first, but I honestly don't think it feels that way. However, I don't have the worries I had with baby #1 like "why isn't he moving?" and constantly worrying if the baby was alright. I think it is way more comforting to mostly know what to expect the 2nd time around.
Milestones: I bought the first toy for this baby. I found a doggy/blanket/soother at Target that I decided to pick up for him. It was the first thing I bought for Noah too (his is a monkey) after I found out he was a boy. 

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