Friday, June 19, 2009

Officially out of the first trimester!!

So today marks the day that the baby and I are out of the first trimester!! Such a relieve to know that the 'riskiest' part is over. Also that morning sickness along with a few other unpleasant side affects should be on their way out the door! I am not going to say that I am m/s free, but it is much more manageable now than before. At least 90% or more of the time now I can function around the house and get out to do things around the island. So I am more than thankful for that.
The second trimester. Well from what I have read, the baby is pretty much a complete little person now. With organs, and nails to eyelashes and fingerprints. Of course there is still a long ways to go before this baby is ready to make his or her grand appearance, but it is amazing to read about how much has already taken place in such a short amount of time. The baby is now about as long as a lemon(3 and 1/2 inches) and weighs only about 1 and 1/2 ounces! The craziest part is that the baby is moving all over the place and I can not feel it! Last week at the doctor's when she couldn't hear the heartbeat with the Doppler she pulled in the ultrasound machine and there the baby was standing straight up and down with his or her shoulder facing out! Needless to say the heart was fine, she just couldn't pick up the sound with the baby in that position!
New milestone this week. My sister n law Trish and I went shopping for maternity cloths! (well she went for other things, but was very kind to come along with me!) I ventured to Motherhood maternity and bought a jean skirt (OK I know it sounds corny but it really is cute) a pair of jean Capri's, a pair of khaki Capri's, two shirts and a dress and paid less than $200.00. I wanted to look around a little more, but felt kind of queasy so called it good. Maybe later this weekend I can check out a few other places. the best part about the cloths is they should fit me through my entire pregnancy! Praying they do, then I shouldn't need much they can be used again if I ever brave having another kiddo! I might as well get my use out of them!
The next doctor's appointment is July 9th for routine checkup and some blood tests, and the big ultrasound for anatomy and growth is July 31st! If the baby decides to play along we will even be able to find out if we will be bringing home a baby boy or a baby girl! Yes we decided to find out. Wes and I believe that it will make many things easier, especially with our families on the main land and us here. Wes also hates surprises and even though I was dead set against knowing at first, the more I think about it the more excited I get! Plus who doesn't want to go shopping!! I better start saving now!
Other news, Wes' dad made us a beautiful wooden cradle, and has now 'offered' (with a little finger twisting ;) to make us a crib! I am so excited! The cradle is absolutely beautiful, and I know the crib will be just as great! So thankful for Bob's talents and his love to share them with us!
Expect more Belly pictures soon, since today is the beginning of our second trimester and we now officially have less than 6 months before this baby's 'due date.' And when I get things around I will be posting pictures of the cradle on here too, along with some other things!

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