Monday, June 29, 2009

A Dream...

I had a dream last night! Well as a matter of fact I had lots of dreams last night, but the only really interesting one was the one where we were at the doctor's and she was doing an ultrasound even though we were not scheduled for one! In the dream we were having a beautiful baby Girl! We could see all of her features and even a head full of beautiful black hair! I even called her by name (of course that is still a secret ;). It was wonderful, and I swear it made the somewhat restless night absolutely worth it in the long run!

Of course I have no idea yet the gender of our baby, but it is absolutely fun to have dreams about it, and this is the first one since the one where I was having twins...which we know to not be the case. So for today maybe I will have pleasant thoughts about holding a baby girl in my arms 5 and a half months from now! Who knows maybe tomorrow I will dream of a boy.

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