Friday, August 14, 2009

The Decision to Cloth Diaper...

So as crazy as things can be in this ever so modern world, I have decided to dive full in to the world of cloth diapering! I know that most people will see this as a step backwards, but I honestly see it as a step FORWARD. Everyone has their reasons as to why they choose what they choose, and I am not going to try and be all self righteous and say I am cloth diapering because I want what's best for the environment. OK well that is one reason, but it is definitely not the first, although it doesn't fall far from the top of the list. The main reason I decided to do cloth isn't because it is "better for our baby" either...that might be second, even if you think me not putting my baby first makes me a bad mom. The main reason for cloth diapers is the cost. Let's face it. Why would I spend over $2000 (on disposables diapers) in (I'll be generous here) 2 years for only the first kid, when I can spend roughly $600 (on cloth diapers) in 2 years? Plus if and when Wes and I decided to more children these same cloth diapers can be used again yet cutting the cost in half, or a third, etc. Isn't that a good enough reason?

For those of you who have not dealt with cloth diapers in the last decade the process has become so easy! There are no more pins (unless you choose) and most of the cloth diapers are put on just like disposables with Velcro tabs. OK OK, so you ask, "What about the POOP?" Let's be real. Either way, with disposables or cloth, you are going to have to see and smell the poop. And is it really that hard to drop the turds in the toilet? I think not. They even have a diaper sprayer that hooks to the base of your toilet so you just spray the poop off, no more swishing the diaper around with your hand. So does it still sound hard?

A couple other benefits of cloth are that almost all babies will have less irritation and rashes when using cloth diapers, Cloth diapers generally leak less and have less chance of blow-outs than disposables, they come in very cute colors and prints (OK maybe that is just a vain thing) and cloth diapers hold their re-sale value as long as they are taken care of properly! So take the cost effectiveness and start adding money back into your pocket after you are done having babies! And then of course you have the environmental issues too. The way I see it, the laundry water is is going to get treated at the water plant along with everything else and come back to your house over and over again...OK so that is kind of gross to think about but that is the reality of our water system.

So I have attached a few cloth diapering sites for anyone who is interested, have a look. I am hoping to purchase some of these diapers while I am at home to help support a local Michigan business, otherwise I will be purchasing the diapers from a local business here in Hawaii.

Michigan based businesses
in Ionia
in Greenville

Hawaii based business
in Manoa

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