Monday, August 24, 2009

This last weekend i got the itch to do a project and I began with Noah's Nursery! Needless to say once i get the itch I almost always have to do the project until it is done. So I bought the supplies on Wed afternoon after my doctors appointment, and the madness began. The painting was complete by Friday night at 9:30, including the 76 1/2 dots on two walls! Although the nursery is not completely done I wanted to share some photos of it on here! Wes was kind enough to help me hang the shelves on the wall and in the closet along with the curtain rods! I hope Noah enjoys the bright colors and things to look at when it is all complete!

Saba had to help supervise the entire process!

Hand painting all the edges on the dots with the tiniest brush ever!

I plan on shortening the curtains eventually so the fall just above the bed.

Most of the Winnie the Pooh figurines I had over the years.
The consignment shop table, The rocker from Mom and Dad Sutton and the hand made Bassinet/cradle from Dad Sutton! I can not wait to see the crib he is making for us and get the bedding on it!

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