Friday, August 21, 2009

Our first Baby Shower!

Last Sunday my friend Katie threw us a baby shower! It was such a good time to just get together with friends and celebrate the new life that is coming into this world! The food was wonderful, followed by fun games and tons of gifts. I just wanted to share a few pictures of this special time with those back home.

Almost Everyone who made the shower a special time.
Carrie, Laura, Kristen, Nancy, Savanna, Christelle, Blanca, Trish, Me and Noah, Katie and Jodi.

Just one of the many Tigger items given by Aunt Trish.

Susie got us the crib bedding set of Classic Pooh from target.

Kirsten got us a "I love mommy" bib, washcloths and an ear thermometer.

Hawaiian ABC quilt from Katie and Chris

A "Whale of a Tub" from Kristen and Scott

Jacob got me a Lion's T-shirt so we could be ready for the season.

Blanca got us Nuk Bottles

Along with a bottle drying rack.

Savanna had a monkey theme going and there was a blanket to match.

Me with all the food and flowers before we all dug in.

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