Friday, August 7, 2009

Week 21!

Ok so not a whole lot has changed since last week, so I am forgoing the list of questions and answers. Instead I just wanted to talk about life over the last week. Honestly I should probably get on here more, so I remember more of what is going on day to day, but here it is summed up at the end of the week.
Last week Friday we found out we are blessed to be having a baby Boy and needless to say it just brought a whole new level to being pregnant. I was so excited and of course had to go out to the stores to see what they had for little boys! My mother in law and I decided to go "shopping together" even though we live thousands of miles apart. The plan was to go to Target and when we got there call each other. We did, and even though we were somewhat disappointed in what we found we had fun discussing everything we saw. Next it was off to Ross to do the same thing. Both of us found a few treasures, but nothing from what was on sale a few weeks earlier!
On Sat I decided to venture out again with a friend and the first stop was the Airman's attack. This is a donation place that SSgts and below can go to to get free stuff. Most of the time it is a dive, but I must have hit it on a good day because I found a handful of really nice baby boy outfits. Next we went to the other Target on the island, but the best thing we found again was soft pretzel from the food stand. Then we were off to Ross...again nothing...but low and behold I found a wonderful little store next to it called Catepillar kids which is a consignment shop. Needless to say, if I need something that i don't get at a shower, this will probably be my first stop. The items look almost brand new, and actually there are lots of items in there that still have tags on them! I not only found some cute outfits, I hit the Jackpot with a changing table with a pad and cover (which I might replace)! See the Picture sans the blankets and stuff on the shelves. Then we were off to Walmart...nothing...Gymboree (I found a clearance swim trunks)...and Macy's (I was also on the search for brown dress shoes that went nowhere).
Sunday brought a day of Rest and realization that we are having a son. Noah was kind enough to kick me twice on the way to church, but he still remains relatively calm when it comes to movement. However I enjoy every moment of what I get.

Tuesday I realized that my belly loved to jiggle without me even realizing it. As I sat down on the couch I realized that my belly was pulsating even though I couldn't feel it, and it made me marvel at the changes that were taking place. I had to laugh and call my mother to let her know.
Wed. morning as I was laying in bed I put my hand on my belly to find the right side harder than ever and when I pushed on it, Noah pushed back...just once to say he was there, but it made my day. We were lucky enough to go out with friends Wed night, and Noah let me sleep straight through with one potty break until six in the morning even though I drank four large glasses of water and 2 lemonades.
Thursday Wes and I had a date night at home and just relaxed. I was hoping Wes would be able to feel Noah moving, but it looks like it will be a little longer.
Today Wes was blessed to have the day off and he blessed me with taking a ride out to a store called Baby aWEARness so that I could look at and talk to someone about cloth diapering! I am now even more excited than I was before. We were lucky that the lady working there gave birth to a 9 1/2 lb baby so she could answer many questions about what works and what would be good for us to get! So now I am looking forward to having a variety of cloth diapers including Happy Heinys, bumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and Mommy's touch...along with a small stash of prefolds and covers. cute colors and prints along with a classic white look. These diapers will get us through two years for the mear cost of approximately $550. That is only about 1/4th of the cost of disposables, let alone no waste put into the ground and left to rot! While we were there we were also able to check out baby carriers and a few other things. I now think that I would like to invest in a Moby Wrap, and maybe a Beco Baby Carrier, but time and resources will tell. I also found a to cute to pass up nursing cover up with a surf bourd print.

I am not saying that I am going granola mama at all, but I am truely looking forward to natural things with this baby and being environmentaly friendly at the same time! Here is also a piture of the Stroller we bought cheap to match the free carseat!

So that was our week. Simple as it was it was enjoyable and full of a new found love of being pregnant!

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