Thursday, July 23, 2009

The last seven days!

The last seven days of not knowing the gender of our baby our here! I can not believe that tomorrow I will be 19 weeks pregnant, and in one week I will be halfway through my first pregnancy! It all seems a little unreal. I am so excited to find out the gender of our little bean though, so I can really begin bonding with him or her even more. I am looking forward to searching for a name, picking out stuff for the baby's room, buying a coming home outfit and all the other fun stuff involvced with actually being pregnant besides the morning sickness and weight gain! Most importantly I will not have to fumble around what to call our baby, or feel quilty for say he or she when the baby could be the opposite gender. If you want to get your votes in do it now if you haven't all ready. I know that most of the immediate family is hoping for a boy, and all of our friends our hoping for a girl, but honestly Wes and I just want our baby to be healthy and happy. I know that we will love the baby no matter what and that everyone else will do the same.

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