Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 10 and 11

Pretty good day. Not much to say. Stayed within my calories with healthier foods. Didn't do a full workout. Wanted to give my hips and shins a break before I pushed myself to far, so I only did a 30 minute power walk. But I think it helped.

Friday. Day 11.
It is hard to believe that I have already been at this for 11 days. It feels like so many fewer....although if you only count from Monday, after the bad weekend last weekend, I have only been at it 5 days. Either way it feels much faster than I thought that it would.

Today started off with a Tsunami. Not ssignificant besides the sleep I lost from a neighbor knocking at 1130pm to make sure we knew about the warning and my phone blowing up with text messages. Then the morning was spent reassuring everyone that we were alive and well and not engulfed in a giant wave. According to other people the mainland blew this tsunami up way out of proportion.
So I was sluggish to start and had an entirely cranky 1 year old. And by the time I got of the phone, my head hurt and it was almost 9am. Normally I would say "screw it, I am not working out today", but I didn't want to quit this time. So I put the kid in the jogger after getting ready and headed out. The best thing about the kid passes out! so down the road we went and 1/2 mile into my run he was out cold. So i ran a mile to the new community center, bounced the strollers up the stairs and headed into the new gym. I did intervals on the Elliptical for 30 mins, refilled my water, bounced my sleeping tot back down the steps and power walked the mile home.
I felt good. I am glad I went.
It is amazing that if you can actually start your workout, you actually feel better while doing it, and great once it is done. But getting passed the mindset of not wanting to do it is another bad habit I need to break because I have never regretted a workout once I am done with it, but I have regretted never starting the workout.
Food choices today were good. I was a little higher in my calories today because we had tacos BUT I was still within my limit! So exciting when you can have something that you really like to eat and NOT go over your calories, and make it more yummy with extra veggies.
So my calorie count was right around 1500. (and my max is between 1550-1680) so i might still have my glass of milk tonight, I might pass on it...haven't decided.
Debating on what to do tomorrow, and what the weekend will hold food wise. But I know that I am more motivated to do well right now than I have been in a long time. I just hope to keep that momentum.

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  1. so proud of you! it's so easy for moms to put everyone else 1st & not take the time they need to take care of themselves. I think Wes & Noah have someone pretty amazing taking care of them. No I don't think you're absolutely perfect, but you are pretty darn close. lol
    you're a great DIL too. love you & miss you.