Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4

HMMMM what to say about today.

Boot camp was a good workout. 60 mins of triceps and back with burst of cardio. My hips were still hurting, but I seemed to do better today than other days this last month.

Last day of Chiropractic appointments. Thank Goodness! So glad to be done going there not only for the time I will get back in my day, but for not having to talk to the chiropractor. I swear I had the same conversation with him 3 times a week since last MAY! Plus this will be able to allow my child to get a good uninterrupted morning nap, and if I play my cards right and can start doing it, I might just throw him in the jogging stroller when I get home from boot camp (since he seems to want to take a nap most days at this time) and hit the pavement for some extra burned calories. This would be a complete bonus because I am already sweaty and gross, not to mention warmed up from class...this might just work out to my benefit! We will see come Monday, or Wed. of this coming week.

My calories were above where I needed to be today. I had a friend and her kids over all day. We ate out at subway...did pretty good, until I got the Sweet tea! I never knew how many calories that crap has! Not that I ever get it, I just didn't feel like pop, and I perfer Fresh brewed tea to the stuff on the tap...but I will get unsweetened from the tap next time! Dang...that really threw me off.

And tonight because my husband was so good to put up with me and my moods all week, I gave in to having brats. Should have bought the kind I didn't like because yes I had 2...only one bun, which I should have given up, but the real kicker was the Frito's and cheese along with the 1 beer we had to go with it.

So needless to say I was over today. the total was roughly 2391 700-800 calories over the high end of my daily goal. Thankfully I did work out even though that doesn't make up for the calories.

Lessoned learned. Don't underestimate the calories in drinks! This is why I caved and went back to Diet pop. I gave it up cold turkey Jan 1 and haven't touched the stuff for 2 months, but the problem was I then started picking up cans of regular soda! I don't know what it is about the carbonation that I crave, but man I need to find a balance. So this last week I went back to diet to get rid of the extra calories and sugar, but I felt way better off the I am debating what to do again. I have only allowed myself 2 or less cans a day (which is more than my 1 can of regular a day!)...but maybe I need to down it to only 1 can every few days or just flat out none and learn to live with out it. That decision is yet to come...I will keep you posted.

Lesson of the day...plan ahead when you have friends over! You might snack less....but I seem to go over in my meals. Need to keep the balance.


  1. Counting calories is a cold harsh remind of the reasons of why we count calories. You are doing great so don't be to hard on yourself. When I started counting I was consistently over my limit. It gets easier to judge a good portion of anything. I gave up sugar in my coffee and tea which cut out like 500 calories a day. I am working on giving up coffee, I have a cup with Rob on the weekends but I will cut that out later too. Keep in mind that two months ago I was drinking almost a pot of coffee by myself, last month half a pot, and this week I have had three cups. It gets easier. I just want you to know that you are not alone in this struggle. I split meals with Damian now so that I eat less when we go out to restaurants. Just a suggestion, maybe if you go out to eat with friends you could split a plate of something really good that is high in calories for you.

    Keep up the good work Amanda!

  2. Trisha,
    I would love to split a meal at the resturant but my husband almost consistently refuses! I just need to go back to some old habits that I had that were good for me!