Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 9

Great day! Calorie count 1215 and I am actually not hungry! And I rediscovered my love for Oatmeal! Not the microwavable crap...that stuff is nasty, but don't tell my son because he likes it! But I am talking about old fashioned oats cooked on the stove with a little bit of milk and a Tbsp of brown sugar, and I even added in 1/2 a banana today! Delicious!
I also logged 60 mins of working out...ran 1 mile to the gym, did the Eliptical for 30 mins, and ran home. I even got my stretching in which I really really need to get better at making sure I am doing it everyday. Unfortunately being in the military got me out of the habit of stretching. We would do PT and have to run right to the showers afterwards to be able to make it to work on time. But I need to make the effort to stretch EVERYDAY! I really do think that it is important and helps prevent injuries. I forgot how much I liked the Eliptical machine. It was actually quite enjoyable to workout.
Tomorrow I might try running there again with Noah and putting him in the play room while I work out. I am not sure if he will play along for 30 mins or go hysterical case senario he would fall asleep in the stroller on the way there and could just continue to sleep in it while I got my workout in...he will see. I think that might be to much wishful thinking.
I am actually getting exctied about the next few weeks instead of dreading them. I am wondering how much of a change I might see. I am hoping it is enough to keep me motivate to make this more of a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix. I WANT lifestyle changes. I Want to be a good example to my son and others. But change is hard...not impossible but it doesn't always come easy. That is okay though. Working at it over the next few weeks will help ease me into it. I am undecided if I want to weigh in once a week or if I want to wait longer than that, or not weigh in again until the end of the time. I can see advantages and disadvantages to both...I guess time will tell.
3 days of working out this week...1 boot camp and 2 cardio. It feels good. I feel more in control of myself.
3 days of eating correctly...within my calorie range...yes I do need to make a few changes like getting more fruits and veggies in, but that will come in time, and with either another shopping trip or trip to the farmers market.
I do think that the hardest part of starting something is to stop saying "I will start tomorrow, or next week, the first of the month, the first of the year" and to start saying " I am starting today, right now, right here."
I am glad I finally made that decision to start.
Hope everyone is having a week full of healthy choices!

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  1. You are doing amazing and already are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.