Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3.

Nothing exciting today. I actually did not work out. I spent last night trying to compose an email to the boot camp instructor who wrote to me stating that i should decide on a goal. Yup nothing like calling the fat girl out. So what should have been a very peaceful and relaxing night since my hubby was at work and the kid was asleep turned into a 30 minute flat out balling session while typing an email that tried to convey that I was not whining or looking for pity. That I knew I had faults, and by no means do "everything" required to loose weight and that I resolved to work on it more since the first of this month. Nothing like having to admit to someone, "Hey I am Fat, and I know it...Thanks for pointing it out."
So I balled and balled and when I finally finished balling and calming down I felt like i could go to sleep...until...

I realized the cat hadn't been around and I couldn't find him. Something told me to check the sliding door and sure enough the damn cat not only opened the glass door but the screen door and let himself out! Did I mention that the husband was at work with no chance of coming home because there was an exercise going on AND the kid was sleeping? Yeah so I couldn't really leave the house to go hunt the neighborhood. But after a minute or two of calling his name I grabbed the treat bag and found batteries for the flash light and walked around a little bit. After 10 mins or so of calling his name and shining the dang flash light I came back home because I was afraid one of the neighbors would call the cops for me shining a flashlight around their I stood in the backyard. About to call it a night and just pray he would come back, I turned around and there he walks up on the lanai and sits down like it was no big deal he was out and about. Damn Cat.

So needless to say i couldn't fall asleep right away, and when I finally did I only ended up with about 4 hours of sleep before my son decided to wake up and fill his diaper so much it started to leak. Really? It is an Overnight diaper at that! How much pee can one kid have at night...

Then my hubby came home and crawled into bed. So my day began at 4:30am. I have fought a headache all day. I don't know if it is from the lack of sleep. The crying, Or my neck being out of place...but it is probably a combination of all three. I also had a doctor's appointment and a husband on a different shift. So the workout got skipped. Don't get me wrong i could have done it...begrudgingly... but that is not how I want to work out. I want to enjoy doing it and feel good while I do it. So I resolved that I will make up the workout. Either by adding an extra workout to one day, taking today as my day off instead of Sunday, or dividing the time up between other days.

I stayed within my allotted calories today, although I was near the higher end of the scale at 1519.
Breakfast: Skim milk and special k protein bar
Snack: Banana and 1oz beef jerky
Lunch: Roast Beef Sandwich with provolone cheese on one slice low cal whole wheat bread and mustard.
Snack: 2 servings of ritz bitz....I know bad choice here...I let myself go to long without eating and got to hungry. Note to self to plan better.
Dinner: 3/4 cup (dry) Old fashioned Oatmeal (made with water) with 2 Tbsp of brown sugar and a dash of milk - Oh how I forgot how good real oatmeal is! i hate the microwave stuff so I always forget on good the old stuff is!
I have gotten my water in for the last 3 days. So on that note I am doing good.

I finished the WW magazine today too, but nothing really impressive to report. It is helping keep my focus though to read about healthy choices. I am still a work in progress, but this is a good beginning.

We will see how the  "goal" will go. The instructor said she had something in mind for me, but wanted to hear my ideas first. i haven't heard back from her yet. Pray for me that if she mentions it tomorrow I won't cry my eyes out in front of her or at boot camp. I am not a strong person when it comes to talking about these things face to face with people I don't know really well. So please just say a prayer.

On a good side note. The Doc. at my appointment today gave me the thumbs up and told me I should be all set and good to go for whenever we decided we wanted to try and get pregnant again. The damage I had for over a year since my son was born is no longer bothering me thanks to pushing the doctor to give me a steroid shot to calm the nerve down. So this is an exciting time. We are NOT trying right now, but before the year is up, I hope that we have good news to share.


  1. sorry I laughed about Saba!
    I have a tip for you to help w/ motivation
    try the android app MyFitnessPal its a free app.
    I love that you can scan a barcode to enter a food. its a lot like a part of sparkpoints, I just find it easier to journal foods & exercise.

  2. I'm so sorry you had such an awful day/night! I hope day 4 went much better. I splurged yesterday at a Hail and Farewell luncheon, so I'm starting my day off with fiber cereal and a cup of decaf.