Sunday, February 27, 2011

The 30 Photo Challenge is over...

So there it is...the 30 day photo challenge is over. Pieces and stories of my life. A life I love. I know that the last few days of photos all came at once and for that I apologize, but life gets busy, I fall behind and then I have to play catch up. I am now caught up. The real question is...Where do I go from here? I am trying to think of another 30 day challenge because it helps hold me accountable and gives me a place to think. Maybe I will do 30 days of trying to Eat right....or 30 days of my life....or maybe I should do 30 days for 30 years....30 scrapbook pages in 30 days...oh that could be a good one, and help me accomplish another project at the same time.....hmmm...30 seems like a good number to stick to since I am 30 this year...and to be honest it doesn't make me upset. I will be thinking about the possibilities today and tomorrow and whatever it is that I begin I will start it on Tuesday the 1st...seems fitting enough, a new, fresh 30 days.

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