Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 22: Photo Challenge

Day 22: A picture of something you wish you were better at.
(No this is not my handwriting)
     No it is not my hand writing that I wish I was better at. In fact I used to practice my handwriting to make it all cute and bubbly like most girls, but the truth is that just isn't how I write and I am glad about it. My hand writing is slanted and hard to read and I love it.
     However, I wish that I was better and hand-writing letters to people without any reason. My Grandma Randall is and always has been wonderful at this and even now in her mid 80's she still sends hand written letters signed in Christian Love. I used to be better about this. I used to send cards to people on random occasions with hand written notes, but for whatever reason I have so tapered off on this habit. It is on my list of things to improve on this year, and I am really hoping to start at it soon. I am proud that I do write personal notes in all Thank-you cards, birthday cards and Christmas Cards, but I want to do more.
     I think that hand writing is becoming a lost art,especially cursive, in today's world of computers and smart phones. I look at both of my grandmothers' handwriting after 80+ years and still think that is is beautiful even as both of them apologize for how "horrible it has become". It is funny that even though their writing has become incredible small and less neat, I can recognize every word they have written because I have been reading it since I was little.
     I hope that someday my children, family and friends will be able to recognize my handwriting in the same matter.

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  1. I have to say I completely agree with you on this one. I try desperately to write nice letters to people, and come up short so often. I have a pen pal, though, and it helps. Well, she's 6, so right now it helps her reading and writing, but it also allows me to get in the routine of responding. Plus, I get so excited about buying stationary that it's kind of an obsession. But you are way ahead of me if you're putting personal notes in your Christmas cards. We send out 50 each season, so there's just no way!