Monday, February 28, 2011

An ongoing Challenge becomes a New 30 day Challenge.

In my last 30 day challenge I mentioned a few times that I am very unhappy and insecure about my weight. Part of that unhappiness is vanity reasons, who doesn't want to look better? Some of the unhappiness is practical because it is much easier to find clothes that actually fit me well when I weigh less and I feel more comfortable in them. However, a large part of wanting to loose weight is for the simple fact of my health and for the benefit of my family.
I want to be mobile my ENTIRE life! I hope that I am still moving with I am in my 80's and maybe even chasing some grand children around. I never want to get to the point that it kills me to move. That I become more content sitting and watching TV, than being out enjoying life.
Both sides of my family battle obesity. Both sides carry their weight in different areas. Both sides have an incredibly hard time losing weight weather it is due to a "sweet tooth" and life time of bad habits, or just the simple fact that the will power isn't there. Everyone has there reasons and I am no exception.
But I want to break the cycle. I want a way out.
I have never been good at "dieting". I seriously feel like the moment I decide that I am not going to eat something,  it then becomes the only thing that I can think about until I end up eating it. I don't believe in taking pills or tons of supplements to lose weight because I think that your body, if treated right, really should be able to do it itself.
And there is my problem...I don't treat my body right. I don't give it the fuel it needs, but instead I give it what it wants...or at least what I want. I don't use it the way it was made to be used, instead I play into society and let machines do the work for me and run to the store when we need something. The first half of these problems I have complete control over...the 2nd half...let's be honest, I am not going to wash my laundry by hand or butcher my own cow but maybe someday I will learn how to grow a small garden for myself and become a little more efficient.
So where am I going with all of this? Let's just say that I am 30 years old and old habits die hard. However, I believe that I am ready to make some changes to my everyday life that might just impact me for the next 30 years or so. I have at least 30lbs to loose, and it isn't going to get there by hoping and praying...although I do believe the praying part helps in other ways. So for the next 30 days I am going to be beyond honest about this aspect of my life. I am going to try and eat 30 healthy breakfasts, 30 healthy lunches, and 30 healthy dinners along with some healthy snacks. I am also going to try and read 30 "things" about weight loss weather it is online articles, magazines, blogs or whatever I may come across. I am also going to try and put in 30 hours of exercise...and as easy as that sounds my 3x's a week workout class will be having a 2 week break during this time, so that will make the challenge harder because I will have to do most of those hours on my own.
So there it is...a 30 day Challenge to myself to get off my duff and make a difference, not for anyone else besides myself. I am posting it here to help hold myself accountable. I am hoping that by the end of the month I will have lost at least 6lbs. That would be huge for me since I can count on one hand the number of times that I have lost weight successfully, and it is not typical for me to loose weight in the first month. Here is to throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Here is to being real.
All advice, support, and healthy suggestions are appreciated.


  1. I like this challenge! I'll be doing something similar after baby #3 gets here. Dustin & I both (I think) will be training for a 5K/ obstacle course (The Warrior Dash) in September... so I'll have 5 months to get my butt in gear!
    I have 2 movies to recommend you as far as healthy eating goes. One is just an eye-opening (sometimes gross) documentary on the food industry (may make it easier to say "no" to a lot of things). It's called "Food Inc". The other I haven't watched yet, but friends have recommended it to me, it's more about a balanced diet called "Food Matters". Don't know if you all have netflix, but they both are on there.
    Don't get discouraged... it's not about a number, it's how you feel about yourself :)

  2. I'm glad you're doing another challenge, especially this one knowing that you want to be healthy for your family. :-) I look forward to watching your progress!

  3. This is a great 30 day challenge. I am hoping to get some motivation and inspiration from your progress. I know you are going to be amazing.

  4. You can do it! My biggest challenge for everything is actually committing to do it, so props to you for committing.

    My big three helpful hints are (I'll give you more detail if you want - just ask):

    1. Limit your meat intake to lean meats only or consider replacing meat with alternate complete proteins like beans and rice, etc... Find a good meat vendor (farmers market, butcher, etc . . .) if you can on the island. This will help you ensure the leanest, most nutritious meat options.

    2. Start your own pseudo garden with Topsy Turvy Tomato Growers (look them up on Google). They are low maintenance (I always forget to water), work wonderfully in climates with high humidity and you'll get a ton of tomatoes!

    3. Buy quality shape wear! Makes all the difference. Look into Jockey and Spanx and buy what works for your body type and is comfortable. Both lines have great options! If you get the right stuff you can effectively smooth body lines and look about 10-15 lbs less - great self esteem booster :)

    More where these came from! Love ya!