Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 10: Photo Challenge

Day 10: A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.
    Me and Meggan at my wedding in June 2008..... 

     Everyone meet Meggan! Meggan and I met our freshman year of college and spent the next 3.5 years of our lives having some unforgettable adventures. They are definitely memorable moments. I honestly don't think we need to go into a lot of detail over the past adventures, but I will say at least half of them were accompanied by Jack and Jose along with a few other popular names. I mean look at the picture that a face of innocence? :) 
     Meggan and I lived across the hall our freshman year, decided to live together our sophomore year, and spent most of our free time in each other's company our Junior year. (Our Senior year I lived off campus). We ventured out for Thirsty Thursdays, took a road trip to Alabama for playoffs, had jobs together at Max n' Erma's and at Target, called numerous cabs, ran from the cops, jumped the border once or twice, and fought like sisters. We have seen each other at our BEST and our WORST...and I wouldn't change one minute of our friendship and those 3.5 unforgettable years. 
     Meggan has a passionate heart. She is capable of something that I can never imagine doing on a daily basis. Meggan is a Special Education teacher in Alaska and she is beyond passionate about her job and her kids. I give all my respect to Meggan. She did not choose to be a Special Education teacher because it paid more, or was easier to find a teaching job, she choose it because she loves everything about it, but most of all she loves the kids. And rightfully so, they love her right back. 
     I only wish that Meggan and I lived closer so that we could see each other grow in our new adventures of marriage and children. 

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  1. I remember Meggan from your wedding. And for some reason, this doesn't surprise me ;) hehe