Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 7: Photo Challenge

Day 7: A picture of your most treasured item.

     The posting says ITEM so since I can not pick a person, I am picking my wedding ring. I treassure the ring not because of it's monetary value, but the deeper rooted meaning behind it. This ring was picked out for me by a man who loves. A man who had no obligation to love me because of family ties or threat to his life, but a man who CHOOSES to love me everyday out of his own free will. 
     To me, this ring symbolizes that commitment. The commitment to love each other freely and according to our own free will. Our commitment to be there for each other through ALL of life's journeys...the good AND the bad. Our commitment to the Lord that we will do everything possible to make this marriage last and make it glorify Him. The rings symbolize our Trust and Honesty between each other. They symbolize our Love.  
     I had so many people tell me when I got my wedding band that I would want a new one in 5 years or so after marriage. That the one I had would no longer be big enough, or that I simply would want a different design. However, I believe that I will be content because I am a little to emotional over the sentimental value of the ring to ever just replace it.  

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