Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 25: Photo Challenge

Day 25: A picture of your day.
This is what 15 years of scrap booking materials amounts to when you fall behind!

How would I describe today? The beginning of being de-cluttered. My day started early. I was up at 5am...on my own the kid actually slept until 6!...after checking my computer accounts I did the cleared the dishwasher, did another load in the dishwasher, washed the dishes by hand, cleaned the counters, started dinner, unloaded the dryer, loaded it, loaded the washer and began to fold laundry...all before 6am. 

Then My son woke up. After our morning cuddles, i got him breakfast, popped on the cartoons ( I know horrible parenting) called my mom, while I cuddled with the kid more as he ate his breakfast, finished folding the laundry, sorted - threw out- filed the pile of paperwork on the table. Got the cupboard worth of old paperwork out and did the same, changed the laundry over and folded some more...this took me up to about 8ish maybe 830am.

Then it was time for some more snuggles with the kiddo before he went down for a nap. For whatever reason our son just needed a TON of love and sleep today. Changed the laundry, folded. Watched the rest of the show I feel asleep to last night...son woke up...more snuggles....can you tell why i don't get much done :)

At 1030 I headed back to the bedroom to do my Bible study I ignored all week. Couldn't really concentrate, fell asleep for 10 mins between my husband and son coming back there twice. Got up fixed lunch...I know two homemade meals in one day! I thought my husband would die. 

Re-do the dishes, re-clean the counters, stir dinner, clean of the table. Then I started on the picture above while my husband tried to entertain the kiddo. 16 years of collected stuff for scrap booking and over 2 years behind...the above picture is what you get. Chaos, confusion, and a bunch of stuff you have to sort through to clear out room, get ready to work through it, and most likely make more room for stuff to come. It didn't take forever, and thankfully Noah fell asleep on my husbands lap again so it bought me some time. It is now all sorted and organized and I will have a much easier time getting to work on these projects, let alone completing them...I am excited. 

Part way through my son woke up, I sat with him, he fell back to sleep. I Facebooked, checked blogs, and began to watch Pirate Radio with my husband. Noah woke up, we played while we watched the movie. Noah danced to all the music...mostly me wiggling him around, but the kid is mesmerized  by music so at least he was moving while it was going right? 

I ate and feed Noah. I finished sorting the scrapbook stuff. Re-cleared the table, re-cleaned it, re-did dishes, counters, put food away, emptied the dishwasher and put dishes away, reloaded it, switched laundry, folded more, took out the cans, bathed my son, snuggled my son, read him a story, sang him songs, rocked him, said his prayers, and laid him down. 

Then I finished my Bible study, had chocolate strawberries...I know, I know..sue me...they were good. Uploaded photos to the computer, up loaded photos to FB, and did my blog all while watching the hottie on Hawaii 5O.

I know I have an exciting life and your jealous. But that in a nutshell was my day. Needless to say I feel much better now that a majority of things are in their place. I can not wait to go through more cupboards, drawers, closets and get them as neat and organized as I got this today...I just wish it would stay that way for more than a few mins. But I have to remember that I live in our house and so does my family, we buy things to use not to put it up on a shelf...and life isn't always so organized and neat. I am working on letting the clutter bother me less. 


  1. Just reading about your day left me exhausted!

  2. I know it wasn't exciting...but that was the good way to really fit in in one picture